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all her friends play softball

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How many collective nouns does this sentence have The class studied Middle English when we read the prologue to Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

Which word in this sentence is a closed compound Volleyball and softball are exciting Olympic sports

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Q: Which word in this sentence is a closed compound Volleyball and softball are exciting Olympic sports?
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What word in this sentence is a closed compound Volleyball and softball are exciting Olympic sports?

Both Volleyball and Softball are closed compounds

Volleyball and softball are exciting Olympic sports?

Both are correct

What is the compound subject in the sentence Swimming and softball are two sports in the olympic games?

The compound subject is "Swimming and softball".

Why is softball confused with volleyball?

In volleyball, volleyball is a soft ball. Same thing with softball. That's why people confuse softball with volleyball. Also, the guy who is answering your question sees girls playing volleyball when I hear the term "softball."

What do volleyball and softball have in common?

Volleyball and Softball both have balls. haha. Most people who do volleyball also do softball. They involve short sprints and rules. Hope this helps :p

Is softball exciting?

I belive it can be but baseball comes out as more exciting.

What is a verb for softball?

exciting,invigorating, and tiring

What is an ace in softball?

There is no such thing as an ace in softball; you might be thinking of volleyball or tennis.

How are volleyball and softball alike?

They are both sports

Compare and contrast volleyball and softball?

Softball is a lot like baseball, where you use a bat and run bases. Where in Volleyball, there is no bat and there is a team on either side of a net.

Which sport made its debut in 1996?

Softball and Beach Volleyball.

Popular sport at school?


What are differences between softball and volleyball?

You don't use bats in volleyball, and you don't use nets in softball. Teams are different sizes. Balls are different sizes. Scoring system is that. Volleyball courts are very different from softball fields in size and composition.Other than that they are practically the same game.

What is Delaney Nicol's favorite sport?

softball, volleyball, baseball, football

What is the ratio of lesbian softball players to volleyball players?


How are volleyball and softball the same?

They're not except that they both use balls.

What is a good softball poem?

A good softball poem could be about a good play, or a great hit ( homerun ), or a good or exciting moment.

Why important the volleyball?

volley ball is as important as any other sport. lets say that u plat softball. softball is important to you cause you play that sport. volley ball is important to people who play volleyball. especially the people who get scholarships out of playing volleyball.

What four things did ancient Greeks have in common?


What fun things do they do in Japan?

hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball, softball

Why is softball so popular?

softball is a really fun sport because you meet new people and it is always exciting when someone gets a big hit

Playing a game of volleyball baseball or softball would be what level of physical activity?

Moderate :)

Names of games with double letters in it?

football baseball softball volleyball basketball soccer

What are some sports for girls to play?

Volleyball, Softball, Soccer, Tennis or even Basketball

How old do you have to be to play softball and voleyball?

I don't know about volleyball, but you can start softball at age 6 in most areas, sometimes earlier and sometimes later.

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