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Q: Which word does not belong shaft pole imbed stick?
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What is salient pole construction details?

'Salient' means to 'stick out', so salient poles stick out from the machine's shaft, as opposed to shafts which are slotted to contain its windings.

Into the earth he first pokes a stick or pole?


What is a long stick and rhymes with droll?


How do you hold a D pole in lacrosse?

just like a regular lacrosse stick. when you have the ball you choke up and leave shaft on the bottom. when you're defending someone, you have your bottom hand at the butt of the stick and hold your top hand in a comfortable position

What is a synonym for axis?

shaft, pole, pivot, stem

Will A dogs tongue stick to a pole?

Of course! But obviously only if it is cold outside. Anything that is wet and warm will stick to a frozen pole!

How many poles as salient pole rotor?

'Salient' means 'sticking out', so if the pole sticks up from the rotor shaft, then it is a salient pole machine.

What is another word for rifle?

Smoke pole, bang stick, thunder stick.

An event like the high jump but with a long stick is called the pole what?

It Is "Pole Vault".

What is synonym of bar?

batten, billet, boom, crossbar, crosspiece, ingot,lever, paling, pig, pole, rail, rib, rule, shaft, slab,spar, spoke, stake, stick, streak, strip, stripe,stroke

How do you lick a pole?

You lean in, stick your tongue out, and use your tongue mussels to lick the object. (a pole)

Why don't magnets stick to opposite ends of other magnets?

Magnet does not stick to the opposite of the magnet because one side of the magnet is called south pole and another side is called north pole .And south pole is suppose to stick north to north and south to South