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Q: Which winter sport consists of sliding down an ice track?
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What is the winter sports of skeleton?

Skeleton is a winter sliding sport in which a person rides a small sled, known as a skeleton bobsled (or -sleigh), down a frozen track while lying face down and head-first. The sport and the sled may have been named from the bony appearance of the sled.

Winter sport with an oval track?

bobsleigh amd short track speed skating, and speed skating.

How fast does the winter sport skeleton go?

The winter sport skeleton sled goes up to 130 km. This sport involves speeding down the track head first.

In what olympic winter games sport is the track 400 meters?

Speed Skating

Where can you find sport craft rod hockey replacements?

im looking for the same thing. i need a goalie sliding track

How do you win in the sport skeleton?

The sport consists of 2 heats of racing down a bobsled/skeleton track. The competitor with the lowest combined time is declared the winner.

What kind of sport is luge?

is a winter sport on ice in which you are on a sled on a bobsleigh track and the goal is to get down quicker than others you reach speeds of 150kph

When did speedskating become an Olympic Sport?

Long track, or 400 meter oval speedskating, became an olympic sport at the first winter Olympics back in 1924. Short track, or hockey-rink speedskating, became an olympic sport in 1992, having been a demonstration sport at the 1988 games.

When did track and field become an olympic sport?

When did track become a sport

Which sport has Canada won the most medals?

In the Winter Olympics, speed skating. In the Summer Olympics, athletics (track and field).

What is the sport track?

Track and field athletics.

What is the sport Bobsleigh?

It is a sport in which at least one person competes in (there can be at least 4 that I know of). It is a winter sport. There is the team and they push of their sled and slide down a track as fast as they can. Fastest time wins, ok go!

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