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i think its the maple tree

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Q: Which what is the national tree of Canada?
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What national tree from Canada?

Maple tree.

Canada's national tree?

the maple tree

What is the name of Canada's national tree?


What is the name of the national flower of Canada?

Canada's largest tree is the Red Creek tree with a circumference of 18.3 metres and a height of 55.5 metres. It is located on Vancouver Island, B.C. about a day trip from Victoria. Check this link for more information

What tree is one of Canada's national symbol?


Was the official national Christmas tree brought from Canada in 2008?


What plant is on a national flag of Canada?

a maple tree leaf

The flower of the cherry tree is the national symbol of which country?


What is canda's national tree?

Since 1965 the Maple leaf has been the centerpiece of the national flag of Canada. The tree was recognised in 1996

What common tree leaf is found on many Canada postcards?

A tree leaf that is commonly found on publications from Canada is the Maple Leaf. This leaf is one of the more recognizable national symbols of Canada, and is also featured on their flag.

What is Italy's national tree?

the national tree is an elm tree

Is the lodgepole pine the national tree of Alberta?

Yes Pinus contorta latifolia the Lodgepole Pine is the State tree of Alberta.