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Middlesbrough in 1997. West Ham fan, perchance?

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Q: Which was the last team to play in both cup semi finals and get relegated from the premier league?
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Which premier league clubs has never been relegated from both the division one and premier league?


Which premier league club has never been relegated from both the division one and premier league?

Newcastle United. this answer is wrong it is arsenal football club.....there are the only team in England which has not been relagated This is incorrect Arsenal are the only club not to be relegated since 1920 they iwere relegated from the Division One in 1913 and after finishing 5th in 1919 were somehow promoted to Division One. Somehow? Sounds a little jealous. Just to add the year Arsenal were promoted (ie last time they were in any division below the premier/first division they replaced a certain Tottenham who were relegated and have never got over it lol

Which players have won the premier league and champions league?

Ryan Giggs, Paul scholes, and Christiano Ronaldo have won both The champion league and the Premier league.

How do you know who is playing in the community shoeld?

It is between the winner of the F.A. Cup and the winner of the Premier League . In the event that one team wins both the F.A. Cup and Premier League the team that finished runner-up in the Premier League faces the winner of the Premier League.

Which team has won more premieR league?

Manchester United and Liverpool have both won the First Division Title (Now Premier League) 18 times

Which soccer club has been promoted to the premier league the most times?

Both Sunderland and West Bromich Albion have been promoted to the Premier League four times.

Which brothers have played for the same premier league or first division football team?

Both, Phil and Gary Neville, played for the premier league club - Manchester United.

Which 8 players have won the premier league and champions league?

This question is irrelevant, it cannot reveal a full picture. If you consider that in 1999 and 2008 Manchester United won both the Premier League and Champions League. That would mean that there are more than 8 players who have won both.

When was the last time Middlesbrough were out the Premier League?

Middlesbrough were relegated at the end of a remarkable 1996/97 season, having lost both the League Cup and FA Cup finals. They received a three point penalty after cancelling a game against Blackburn because of an outbreak of winter flu and it was this punishment that condemned them to finish 19th in the league - they would have stayed up without it. They came second in 1997/98 League division 1 (now called the League Championship) and were promoted automatically, staying in the top flight until finishing 19th again in the 2008/09 season.

Who has won a medal in both premier league and Scottish premier league?

Kenny Dalglish won every honour in Scotland with Celtic before he moved to Liverpool . He won the League , the FA cup and the European Cup with Liverpool

Who are the 2 footballers on the English Premier League since 1995 to win both the world cup and premier league?

Emmanuel Petit and Patrick Vieira were both involved with Arsenal (champions 1998) and France (World Cup winners 1998).

Was Sir Bobby Charlton a premier league striker?

The Premier League did not exist when he played. It would have been known as the First Division at that time. He played both in midfield and as a striker during his career.

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