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Sue Barker

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Q: Which was the last british woman to win the French Open championship?
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What are the consecutive Grand slams?

Which sport are you refering to? Men's Golf is: US Open, Masters, British Open and the PGA Championship Women's Golf is: Kraft Nabisco Championship, LPGA Championship, US Women's Open and the British Open. Tennis is: Australian Open, US Open, Wimbledon and French Open

When did British Open Championship Golf happen?

British Open Championship Golf happened in 1997.

Who is the last British woman to have won the French Open?

Sue Barker

When was British Open Championship Golf created?

British Open Championship Golf was created on 1997-04-30.

The city and country of the French Open tennis championship?

The French open tennis championship is played in Paris, France.

Who made the longest shot in the British open?

There is no such tournament as the British Open do you mean the Open Championship?

Who won French Open women championship in 2013?

Serena Williams won the Women's Singles French Open Championship in 2013.

Which major golf championship does the claret jug refer to?

The Open Championship or British Open Championship. One of golf's 4 major championships.

What sport do you associate the open?

Golf. The Open Championship. (NOT The British Open, as it is called in the USA)

How many different nationalities have won the British Open Golf Championship?

Golfers from 11 different nations have won The Open Championship. Click on the 'The Open Championship' link on this page to see all winners of The Open Championship.

Who won the Men's French Open 2010 Championship?

Rafael Nadal is the Champion of 2010 French Open.

Who won the 2003 British Open Championship?

Ben Curtis.

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