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Egypt participated in the 1934 FIFA World Cup in Italy, therefore being the first African Nation to qualify for the FIFA World Cup.

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Q: Which was the first African nation ever to qualify for FIFA World Cup?
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Which was the first African nation to qualify for three straight fifa world cup?

It is either Cameroon or egypt.

What African team was the first to qualify for a World Cup Football final?

The first African country to qualify for the world cup was Cameroon.

Was cameroun the first African country to have African coutries to take part in the world cup?

No, Egypt were the first African country to qualify in 1934

Which was the first African team to qualify for the playoffs of the FIFA world cup?


Which Africa country is the first to qualify for the 2010 world cup?

The hosts are South Africa so they would automatically qualify as they are the host nation,so they would be the first to qualify,,,,Alan Crowe

Which African nation was the first to reach the 2nd round in a World Cup Finals tournament?

It is Algeria and cameroon.

Who is first soccer player for African nation done first scorer in world cup?

It must be Albert roger Milla of cameroon.

What was the first African nation to be colonized by a European nation?

i dont really nkow

What was the first film with African cannibals?

The birth of a nation

How many times has the World Cup been hosted in South Africa?

This will be the first time that the FIFA World Cup has been hosted by an African nation.

What was the first European nation to traffic African slaves?

GermanyGermany was the first European country to traffic African slaves.

What African colony was the first to be independent?

Egypt (1922) was the first African nation to become independent from a European nation, but it was not a colony (it was a protectorate). The first colony to become independent was Italian Libya in 1951.

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