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Q: Which was the better football game 2007 tostitos Fiesta Bowl or super bowl xlii?
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What is spanish translation for great party?

Depaending on your adjective it could be: fiesta super (accent on u), fiesta fantastica (accent on second a), fiesta buena, or fiesta mejor (better/best party).

Who is the girl in the new Tostitos commercial?

There are serveral Tostitos Commercials I do know that in a few of them: Deb D'Agostino - New York Model Super sweet and funny.

What football team has better stats the patriots or the giants?

Well you have to find out after the Super Bowl is over. Then you'll know who has the better stats.

What is the capacity of the Arizona Cardinals football field?

The stadium's seating capacity is approximately 65,000 for Cardinals games and is expandable to over 73,000 for megaevents like the Super Bowl and Fiesta Bowl.

What are the ratings and certificates for Dora the Explorer - 2000 The Super Silly Fiesta 3-19?

Dora the Explorer - 2000 The Super Silly Fiesta 3-19 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

What are the release dates for Dora the Explorer - 2000 The Super Silly Fiesta 3-19?

Dora the Explorer - 2000 The Super Silly Fiesta 3-19 was released on: USA: 12 April 2004

When did Super Play Action Football happen?

Super Play Action Football happened in 1992.

How much is a 1979 autographed football from the Super Bowl worth?

A lot I would imagine - better to call in an evaluator and get an estimate

When was Super Play Action Football created?

Super Play Action Football was created in 1992-08.

Is football better than Yu-Gi-Oh?

What kind of question is this? More people have heard of football and everyone watches the Super Bowl. Yugioh & football are totaly 2 different thing; Yugioh is a card game & football is a sport. More people know of football so football.

How many football Super Bowls had been held by 1981?

How many football Super Bowls had been held in 1981

What is the Super Bowl of college football called?

not really an exact answer. its called the national championship game. it is either the sugar bowl in Louisiana, orange bowl in Miami Florida, rose bowl in pasadena California, or the fiesta bowl in Arizona.

Who is better super sonic or super shadow?

the answer is super shadow

What is the name of the football stadium where the Super Bowl is?

Manchaster united is the football stadium.

What where football games called before Super Bowl?

American Football games were known as football matches.

What is better super Sonic or Sonic?

Nope,Hyper Sonic is better then Super Sonic and Sonic

What is the name of ai football ggo song?

The Super VC - Ai Football Evolution

Why did football play in the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL), the highest level of professional football in the U.S. The season begins in the late summer of the previous calendar year, and ends with the Super Bowl.

When was Scottish Junior Football East Region Super League created?

Scottish Junior Football East Region Super League was created in 2002.

Is a legendary super saiyan better than super saiyan 2?

Yes it is much better.

Is Cell is the Better Android than both Super 17 and Super Android 13?

he is better than 13 but not super 17

What year was the first football Super Bowl?


Which sport is the Super Bowl associated with?

American Football

Football team has more Super Bowls?

The Packers

With which sport is the Super Bowl associated?

NFL Football