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2003 sporting lisbon2005

manchesterunited 2009 real Madrid

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Christiano Ronaldo first club was a small club in his hometown called Merinda.

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Sporting libson. zane wasati

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sporting libson

Zane wasati

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Q: Which was ronaldo first team he played for?
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Which was the first Brazilian team that Ronaldo R9 played before going to Netherlands?


Which 2010 world cup team did ronaldo play?

Cristiano Ronaldo played for Portugal.

When did Ronaldo played his first match?

When he played his first match.

What was christian ronaldos first football team?

Ronaldo played for his small club on the island of Merida , he later went to sporting Lisbon.

What soccer teams has Neymar played for?

Ronaldo has played for Corrinhians, p.S.V. Eindhoven, Barcelona, Inter Milan, and a.c. Milan.

What football team did christiano ronaldo start at?

his first english team was Man Utd

What is the team of ronaldo?

Ronaldo Fenomeno from Brazil played for Corinthians in Brazil but sadly he retired at 2011. If you meant Christiano Ronaldo from Portugal he currently plays for Real Madrid in Spain.

Who has a better team messi or ronaldo?

its ronaldo his team took 9 champions leauge

Did Cristiano ronaldo plays for Portugal national football team?

Yes. Ronaldo does play for Portugal, that is his hometown. He played for that team in the 2010 World Cup Soccer. But before that, he played for Manchester United and then Portugal, and then not he plays for Spain, but his hometown is Portugal so that is who he played for in the 2010 World Cup Soccer

What team did christiano ronaldo move to?

Christiano Ronaldo started his Career at Sporting Lisburn, then Manchester United paid 12.5million for Ronaldo. Then after 6 years, Real Madrid are set to Pay Man United 80million pounds for Ronaldo.

Which team is christiano ronaldo on?

Cristiano Ronaldo plays for Portugal national team and Real Madrid Club.

Christiano Ronaldo scored his first uNITED hat-trick against which team?

Newcastle united