Which was better WcW or WWF?

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Apparently WWE since they bought out WCW and WCW is no longer in business

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Q: Which was better WcW or WWF?
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When did wwf join wcw?


What ever happened to wcw?

WWF and WCW had a match, and who ever the loser was agreed to shut down there show (WCW/WWF) and so WWF won so WCW was shut down

Who was first.wcw or wwf?


When did WWF purchase WCW?

March 2001

How did wwf purchased wcw?

The McMahons bought it

Why did nwa rule tna and wwf and wcw in the old times?

I think they were some good company at that time. But then wcw and wwf/e got better so they didn't need them. Later on tna withdrew from nwa. now nwa is crappppppppppp!

How much money did wwf purchase wcw for?

a lot

Between 1997 and 1999 which was the best company WWF or WCW?

the wwf was always the better company. the wcw might have been just as good but no where near entertaining as the wwf.AnswerThe WCW product from 1997 to 1999 was the best ever! WCW had the best wrestlers. Remember the nWo, the wolfpack, the 4 horsemen, Goldberg's streak. I believe that no wrestling company ever did or ever will deliver a product as great as the WCW product from 1997 to 1999. Answerin terms of ratings wcw was better but in my opinion they were the same. AnswerECW...then WWF...what's this WCW...I don't see it anywhere...oh that's right their gone cause they sucked. AnswerDepends on the fan. I watched WCW for most of my life and watch it fold, but I'm sure the next person to answer will disagree with, WCW being better. AnswerLet's be quite honest both companies were producing great shows. But During that period especially in 1999 wcw lost alot of steam and they were becoming a non-threat. But if there was anytime to be a wrestling fan this was it! I'd say from 1997- mid 1998 wcw was better and from late 1998- 1999 wwe was better. wcw was always better than ecw or wwf!!! the only reason wcw died was because ted turner sold the company to the mcmahon's.ANSWERWWF

Was Vader heel or face in wwf?

Vader was a heel in the wwf and also a heel in wcw too.

Was WCW considered a better wrestling organization than WWF and ECW?

In my opinion WCW was best than ECW and WWF well prbly not since its out of business and all the wrestlers who used to work there said it sucked Answer: During the Monday Night War, the WCW was a better company than WWF for about 1 1/2 years to 2 years according to Nielsen Ratings. After that WWF got much better and simply took over. ECW was nothing more than glorified backyard wrestling with some actual talent to make it look competitive.

What episode did wwf purchased wcw?

the one where you got fat

What was WWE first brand?

AWA then wcw then wwf and then wwe

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