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Vibration in Baseball bats comes from hitting the ball outside the sweet spot.

Hitting the ball on the tip or handle will sting.

Aluminum probably stings worse than wood but it depends on the bat, a solid aluminum will be worse than wood, but a hollow aluminum bat will be better than wood.

There are many 2 piece bats on the market like the connexion by easton that are designed to prevent sting

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Q: Which vibrates more wood or metal bats?
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Which baseball bat vibrates more a wooden bat or a metal bat?

its soooooo metal. it vibrates if its fast piched because it is flexible, the wood will braek because it is not. & it is also hollow and as the ball hits it the ball makes it vibrate.

Can you hit farther with a wood bat than you can with a BBCOR bat?

No. A BBCOR bat is made out of a "dead" metal substance. The composition of these bats makes them work more like wood bats, but not exactly like them. Any given metal bat will hit farther than wood bats. This is why you see people trying to break distance hitting records with metal bats as opposed to the wood.

What material are baseball bats made out of?

wood or metal

Can bats be made of both metal and wood?

Yes they can.

What are rounders bats made of?

wood or metal or willow

Which metal is used for making baseball bats?

Baseball bats generally made from wood or metal. Metal baseball bats are usually made of aluminum or an aluminum alloy.

Why wood bats are safe?

yes and no wood bats break and some dont alluminum is better because it is made out of metal

How can wood and matel process?

World famous musical instrument, Banjo is made up of wood and metal processed together. Copper metal is used in this case because it is the metal that vibrates the most. All metals are good conductors of heat and electricity.

Is wood more dry then metal?

The comparison is inadequate; wood contain or can absorb water, a metal no.

Can you use wooden bats in pony league?

I did, but only because we didn't have the size I preferred! Metal bats are Superior to wood, and today few would what to use a wood bat, except MAYBE!! when bunting! IN FACT! IT's more likely, that metal bats would be band, for the safety of pitchers

What is the best brand of baseball bats to use?

Demarini for metal bats, sam bat for wood.

What would be more comfortable to sit on in the winter wood or metal?


What is going to go far wood bat or metal bat?

metal bats hit much farther

Why do wooden bats not hit farther than metal bats?

wood bats are solid so they absorb the energy of the ball but metal bats compress and return the energy back to the ball.

What is wood plus metal?

It would help if you were more specific other than a metal and wood combination, but Ironwood is the strongest wood out there, if that helps you.

How does a Metal Bat hit further than a wood bat?

the wood bends more than the metal. ------------------------ At first, aluminum bats produced a faster traveling ball when the ball was hit sharply, but modern aluminum bats can be tuned to almost perfectly mimic the response off of a wooden bat.

Are mlb players allowed to use metal bats?

No ,only wood bats are allowed in Major League Baseball.

What metal is made of wood's metal?

Wood is wood. It is not metal, it is a living thing.

Are wood kitchen utensils better than metal?

Wood kitchen utensils are more fersitil but metal is easy to clean.

Why is metal heavier than wood?

it is more dense

What ball bat is better wood or aluminum?

Aluminum bats are stronger, more durable and ball reacts faster off the bat than that of wood. Simply put, metal is stronger natural material than wood. Wood bats, however, are the only bats used in professional baseball and also in most college summer leagues. Wood bats are more of a financial burden on leagues and teams because they don't last as long. See great link below on how wood bats are made. aluminum

Which part of wind instrument vibrates when it is played?

Most wood wind instruments operate off of a reed, a small piece of wood on the mouth-piece that vibrates when blown.

Is a wooden computer work station or a metal computer work station more durable?

Metal is more durable then wood and will last longer. Metal can handle marks or spills better then wood. If you spill liquid on wood it can rot easily

Is wood metal or non metal?

Wood is non-metal.

What was Mission Santa Barbara made of?

it is made out of wood and metal and more wood and sticks and bricks and more bricks