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CBS Sportsline Alumni Tracker

Miami - 55

Georgia - 54

LSU - 50

Michigan - 50

Ohio State - 47

Florida - 43

USC - 42

FSU - 42

Per Espn - 9/14/2008

Miami - 45

Georgia- 40 LSU- 40

FSU- 39 Michigan- 39

Ohio St-37 Tenn- 37

Texas - 35

USC - 33

Notre Dame - 32

Auburn, Cal, Florida, VT - 31

Actually, the most players have been produced from Notre Dame. You guys above me are telling us which school has the most active players in the NFL at this current time. The proper answer to the question is the following.

Notre Dame 462

USC 461

Ohio State 390

Oklahoma 339

Michigan 332

Nebraska 331

Tennessee 321

Penn State 317

Texas 316

Miami (FL) 294

Florida 289

The question is asking what school has produced the most NFL players, not which school has the most NFL players playing in it right now ( which is what is listed above my answer ).


You didn't answer the question either. Your list (now out of date) shows the schools from which players have been drafted. It totally ignores undrafted players and counts playerswho were drafted but never played.

I do not know the answer.

The answer was told to you!! It is Notre Dame.

As far as being up to date doesn't matter because the updated list doesn't change the #1 slot. Plus the HOF class of 2011 has 2 players from Notre Dame;Tim Brown and Jerome Bettis. Also doesn't matter who played and who didn't. In the NFL if you are dressed out in full uniform than you are a player! There is your : Notre Dame!

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The Colleges/Universities that have produced the most NFL Quarterbacks:

  1. Notre Dame: 30
  2. USC: 21
  3. Stanford: 21
  4. UCLA: 19
  5. California: 17
  6. Penn St: 16
  7. Purdue: 16
  8. Boston College: 15
  9. LSU: 15
  10. Oregon: 15
  11. Washington: 15
  12. Arizona St: 14
  13. Maryland: 14
  14. Florida: 13
  15. Michigan st: 13
  16. Ohio St: 13
  17. Alabama: 12
  18. Miami (Fl.): 12
  19. Tennessee: 12
  20. Tulsa: 12
  21. Arkansas: 11
  22. Florida St: 11
  23. Illinois: 11
  24. Louisville: 11
  25. Washington st: 11
  26. Wisconsin: 11
  27. Baylor: 10
  28. Duke: 10
  29. Iowa: 10
  30. Michigan: 10
  31. Nebraska: 10
  32. Northwestern: 10
  33. Pittsburgh: 10
  34. San Diego St: 10

Information from pro football reference

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According to Pro Football Reference, as of the 2008 season that would be Notre Dame who have 495 former players that were on NFL rosters. Second is USC at 415.

That's a good answer! Notre Dame is The best College in United States History!!

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Overall Draft Pick wise Notre Dame with 465 total with USC trailing by one or two less. The University with the most active players is Miami.

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The Ohio State University has over 400 linebackers in the NFL, some of which also start as QBs because they are considered too valuable to play just LB.

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University of Southern California - 156 as of 2008

university of Oklahoma-142

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Generally schools are measured by how many "quality" players they produce. But USC, Florida, and Texas produce by far the most averaging 3-4 players a year. That is alot.

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noter dame

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Q: Which university has most NFL players?
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Currently, the University of Southern California (commonly known as USC) has the most football players currently in the NFL, with 38 total players in the game.

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University of North Carolina and University of Southern California with 9 players each.

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