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Alpine Skiing

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Q: Which type of skiing includes events such as the downhill and the super G?
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Related questions

What are the events for women alpine skiing?

Slalom, Giant slalom, Super giant Slalom, downhill and Super Combined.

What are the different events in skiing competitions?

The main events are usually Slalom, GS (Giant Slalom), Super G (Super Giant Slalom) and Downhill.

What are the events in alpine skiing?

Downhill, slalom, giant slalom, super G, and combined (one downhill run followed by two slalom runs).

How do you play super combined?

Super Combined is downhill skiing then slalom skiing.

What is the difference betwn alpine and downhill skiing?

This is gonna be a little confusing... There are 4 events in what is called alpine or downhill ski racing Downhill Super-G GS Slalom So, alpine refers to skiing in general, whereas downhill can be used to refer to all skiing or only one event. Hope this helps :)

What downhill skiing events are there in the Olympics?

This is NOT who won... (:In Alpine Skiing (commonly referred to as "downhill skiing"), there are currently five events:SlalomGiant slalom (GS)Super GDownhillCombined (Traditionally composed of one run of downhill plus two runs of slalom, although the new "super combi" format including just one run of downhill is more common and will make its Olympic debut in 2010)Additionally, there are three Freestyle Skiing events:MogulsAerialsSkicross (or "skiercross"), which will make its Olympic debut at Vancouver in 2010 and is grouped under freestyle despite being a timed event with no judged component

What is the fastest snow skiing event?

Downhill skiing is the fastest as you can ski up to 100mph! The second fastest is Super Giant Slalom (Super G), which is basically straight down almost.

What kind of event is Super G?

It is actually an alpine skiing event. It is combining downhill skiing with navigation with Slalom Courses. It is one of the most intense skiing contests.

How many medals has Lindsey vonn won in her entire career?

In the Olympics, two ... a gold in women's downhill alpine skiing and a bronze in women's Super G alpine skiing at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. She has also won 4 medals in the World Championships, a gold and silver in downhill and a gold and silver in Super G.

When are you supposed to tuck when skiing?

The correct time to tuck in Alpine Skiing is during a straightaway in Downhill and near the last couple gates in Super Giant Slalom, Giant Slalom, and Slalom.

Name one Alpine skiing event?

Men's / Women's Super Giant Slalom (Super G), Giant Slalom (GS), Slalom (SL), Downhill, Combined.

Why are downhill ski poles bent?

According to Wikipedia: Some racers in the high speed skiing disciplines (Giant Slalom, Super Giant Slalom, downhill, speed skiing) use curved poles that are bent to shape around their bodies while they are in a tuck position, in order to minimize air drag.

How many medals can you win at the Olympics in Alpine skiing?

It's pretty much 5: combined, downhill, slalom, giant slalom, and super g.

Picabo Street won a silver medal in which event at the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics?

Alpine Super-G ==== Diann Roffe==Gold Alpine skiing - women's downhill. PCH= NOT Downhill!!!!!!!

Was Linsey Vonn in the 2010 winter Olympics?

Yes. Lindsey won a gold medal in women's downhill skiing and a bronze in Super G at the 2010 Games.

Is nordic skiing more dangerous than alpine skiing?

It really depends on whether your talking about in the Olympics or referring to Nordic skiing as cross country skiing. Nordic events Ski jumping: is quite dangerous, but due to the steepness of the landing area, is not as dangerous as you might think. Cross country skiing: carries very little dangers. Combined event: carries the same dangers above. Alpine events such as the slalom, downhill event, super giant slalom ect...... Often feature high speed crashes, this is very likely to injure any skier, so i would say that alpine skiing is more dangerous.

What are some of the alpine events?

Downhill Super-G Slalom Giant Slalom Super Combined

How many winter Olympics has chemmy alcott been in?

3. Alpine skier Chemmy Alcott of Great Britain has competed in 3 Winter Olympics (2002, 2006, 2010). She has competed in all 5 events in women's alpine skiing (downhill, combined, slalom, giant slalom, and Super G) at all 3 Olympics. Her best ever Olympic finished was 11th in downhill at the 2006 Games in Turin.

What is the definition of combined mean?

Combined is an alpine skiing event. Although not technically a "discipline" of its own, it is sometimes referred to as a fifth alpine discipline, along with downhill, super G, giant slalom, and slalom.

Did Lindsey Vonn win four Olympic gold medals in skiing?

No. Lindsey Vonn won one Olympic gold medal in skiing. She won it in the downhill at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.At those same Olympics, Vonn also won a bronze medal in the Super- G.

What events are there in downhill skiing?

Downhill skiing consists of four main events which include Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super Giant Slalom, and Downhill. The different between these events is the placement of the gates. You also wear different gear and use different length skis for each event. Slalom - This event is when the ski gates are the closest together. Ski racers quickly navigate through the ski course. The ski gates "breakaway" as the ski racer hits them with their shin and/or arm as they ski by them. The reason ski racers hit the ski gates is to try to ski the straightest line possible down the ski slope. The straighter the line, the faster you go and the faster your run time. Ski racers bring the tip of their ski close to the ski gate and sometimes catch their ski tip and spin out. Ski racers were shin, arm, and hand guards plus a protective helmet. Giant Slalom has the gates farther apart then slalom. Ski racers do not hit the gates like they do in slalom. Therefore, they tend to wear less guards. However, a helmet is still required. Super Giant Slalom and the Downhill, in addition to Slalom and Giant Slalom, are usually done in professional ski racing or at Junior Olympic ski races for aspiring professional ski racers. The length of skis varies from year to year. Typically, though, slalom requires a much shorter ski then giant slalom. Super Giant Slalom and the Downhill require longer skis. Ski racers usually wear skin tight "GS" suits in a range of wild colors. I know because I used to compete in downhill ski racing.

How fast do you go when skiing?

This really depends on a large number of facts. 1. Professional or amateur? If you are a professional skier your skiing speed can go up to 130 km/h (80 mph). You will not find someone skiing that fast out of the ski trail. Specially if you are a beginner, you don't have to worry about speed. 2.Cathegory? In professional skiing, there are a few categories. There is slalom, giant slalom, super g and downhill. The last one is the fastest and it is here that competitors reach a speed of over 80 mph. Super G is not as fast, and it continues that way down to slalom, which is considered the slowest skiing discipline.

What is the difference between downhill and super g ski race?

Both are speed diciplines but downhill is longer and has less turny, technical turns and super G is an event that combines the speeds of downhill with the technical turns of GS. hope that helps:)

What is a ski-race?

In Alpine skiing there are 4 main types of ski racing, slalom, giant slalom, super giant slalom and downhill. In the events you must ski around "gates" without missing a gate or you will get disqualified. You race against people your age and gender and whoever make it down the course the fastest wins! In cross-country skiing there are two main types, free (skate) and classic style. You ski a prepared track typically between 2 and 50 kilometers long.

In Alpine Skiing what does Super-G stand for?

Super Giant Slalom