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Q: Which type of kick sends the ball in the opposite direction?
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What type of soccer kick sends the ball in the opposite direction?


What is it called when you kick a ball and it goes the opposite direction?


How do you do scissor kick a soccer ball?

first of i will look at the direction of the ball and secondly turn myself towards the direction of the ball and lastly take a bicycle kick.

What kind of kick is taken when the defense sends the ball over the endline or goal?


What is a backheel?

A backheel is a soccer kick by a heel which typically travels in the opposite direction to the direction in which the player is facing.

What direction does the ball have to travel on the kick-off in soccer?

The ball must move forward on the initial kick. Forward is "towards the opponent's goal line."

What happens if you kick a soccer ball?

The soccer ball will move in the direction of the force applied to it. If it was not kicked squarely, so that the kick imparted a spin on the ball, then its path will curve in the air.

What happens if you are right handed but you kick a soccer ball with your left foot?

The ball moves in the direction you kicked it.

What is kick-out in futsal?

I assume that kick-out would mean to kick the ball out. Maybe you mean a kick-in? Because when the ball is kicked out by another team, the opposing team has four seconds to kick the ball back into play. During the kick-in, the player must hold the ball on the sideline so it doesn't roll. The ball must be exactly on the sideline when you kick it in. Your stepping foot-opposite your kicking foot-must not go over the line when you kick it in. The defense should kick the ball in to the offense of the goalie.

How do you kick a knuckle ball in soccer?

To do this you have to put sll the power you have into your kick and twist your foot a little to the oppisite direction you are kicking to.

How to make a soccer goal?

(if your choosing) pass the ball to another player on your team, and kick it in the opposite teams goal (the goal where you need to score). or kick the ball in yourself.

How do you kick a soccer ball in the air?

There isn't an exact way to kick a soccer ball. First, make sure your planted foot is pointed in the direction you want it to go. Then you can kick the ball by the inside of your foot. When you do that it's mostly going to be a pass. Secondly, you need to use your planted foot in the right direction. Then, you want to kick the ball with your laces. Not with you toes or foot it will hurt. When your scoring, make sure you get your shoulders over the ball.

How do you shoot a soccer ball?

You choose where your going to kick the ball, then kick the ball with your laces and whatever foot you use to kick the ball with you swing the opposite arm for balance. (You also always have to be confident.) And another thing is that before you kick the ball you look at where your going to kick it and then while your kicking it you always have your eye on the ball! - All of this is for penalties not in a game situation BUT you can use some of these tactics. I really hope this is helpful :)

AT WHAT AGE does a child kick a ball?

An three or four year old can kick a ball, but they don't do it with any direction and sometime their balance isn't that great. A seven year old can kick a ball with direction and they will use balance to help them. If you watch a child you can see the balance. They will step out one foot and either walk or run toward a ball. A three year old will walk up to it and just kick it.

In what direction was the kick going if you kicked a ball forward?

In general terms, it is in whatever direction you're facing. I expect you ask because of the requirement that the ball is kicked forward on a kick-off. The definition on a kick-off is "more towards the opponent's goal line than your own."

How do you kick off in soccer?

Kick off is when you place the ball in the middle of the field and your strikers/ attackers are the first to kick the ball to your direction. Remember, if the referee says your team kicks off, your attacker/ striker start with the ball. Hopes this info helps!

Which soccer kick sends the ball from one end of the field to the other end?

A goal kick, taken by the goalie, is the most effective method on getting a ball to the other half of the pitch without ending the play.

What is the correct way to write rick has a ball will he kick it?

These are correct ways to write it:Rick has a ball. Will he kick it?Will Rick kick the ball he has?Will Rick kick his ball?I wonder if Rick will kick the ball he has?Since Rick has the ball, will he kick it?I hope these suggestions will help!

How do you play kick ball?

Roll a ball catch a ball and kick a ball a run

How do you kick a soccar ball far?

When approaching the ball make sure ur leg is drawn back and angles at the direction you wish the ball to go. When you begin to sling ur leg forward to kick the ball try to level your foot flat and hook it under the ball.

How do you kick a really big kick in AFL?

you hold the ball in the reverse banana position so have your right hand at the end closest to you on the right side of the ball and the opposite with your left hand [only have your hands positioned this way if you are right handed if your left handed do the opposite]

What is a straight kick?

A Straight Kick is when you kick a ball & it goes straight. and it is where you kick a ball and it goes straight to where you need it to go.

What is it know as when the ball is to kick in mid air?

When you kick ball in the mid air, you are "punting" the ball.

What does toe the ball mean?

kick the ball Kick the ball with your toe as opposed to kicking the ball with side of you foot.

When a ball is played backwards at kick off?

can you punt the ball on kick off