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The majority of pro's use titleis pro v1 or pro v1 x

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Q: Which type of golf ball do most pros use?
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Whaw is the best type of golf ball?

the best type of golf balls is dunlops or titliest

What is an A golf club?

A golf club is the equipment that is used to hit a golf ball. There are different types of golf clubs depending on the type of ground you are hitting the ball from.

A real golf ball has?

Dimples. A brand name, ball type and number.

What type of sports use clubs?

In the sport of golf, a player hits the ball with a golf club.

What type of bowling ball do pros use for ten pin spares?


What type of golf ball is durable and less expensive?

Any distance golf ball should be more durable and less expensive then most other types of golf balls. They are made with two layers and are hallow in the center which makes them less expensive and yet durable.

What is Rocketry Golf?

A new Sport , the merger of Golf and Rocketry. The hollow plastic "Golf Ball" is launched with a model rocket toward the "Green". This game can be played on any open field with a Golf type flag, and a Golf type hole in the ground. When your rocket lands close enough you use a Real Golf Ball and "Putt Out". This game can be played against Golf Pros on a Real Golf Course with proper permission. "The World's First Rocketry Golf Game" was played on July 23, 1989 at Shoreline Golf Links, Mountain View, Cal. Doug Frost, inventor of this game, played against Jack Guio, and John Lowe who played Regular Golf.

What is the difference between wound golf balls and three piece golf balls?

Woung golf ball - rubber band type material is wrapped arount the ball. 3-piece ball - made up of solid pieces.

What type of golf ball bounces the highest?

try the two piece ball, or maybe the multi layer.

What type of paint is used to paint a golf ball?

Krylon Fusion paint

What type of data is an example of The number of dimples on a golf ball?

Discreet data.

What core type in a golf ball bounces higher?

The one with elastic bands in it

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