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3 fencing eventsFoil: In foil, the target area is the chest and back. The game is contact and right of way. If fencer A attacks and Fencer B parries and does a riposte Fencer B scores.

Epee: In Epee the target area is the whole body. Right of way rules do not apply, it is simply first to hit, with points going to both fencers if they both hit with 1/25th of a second.

Sabre: In Sabre the target is above the waist. Hits are scored by slashing or lunging and has the most complicated right of way rules, for instance priority goes to the fencer who parries with the forte as opposed to the foible and is notoriously difficult to referee

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Sabre and

Foil. if it was in order of ranks it would be Foil, Epee, and Sabre.

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Men's individual and team events and women's individual and team events in Sabre, Epee, and Foil are all featured in the Olympics.

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Q: Which type of fencing is featured in the Olympics?
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How long has fencing been in the Olympics?

fencing has been in the Olympics from 1928

10 sports featured in the Olympics were?

They include: athletics, boxing, swimming, basketball, fencing, archery, handball, golf, sailing and shooting. The 2012 Summer Olympics included 26 sports.

Who won gold silver and bronze in the 2010 Olympics in fencing?

Fencing is a Summer Olympic sport and was therefore not in the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Did they have fencing in the Ancient Olympics?

No they did not have fencing in the ancient Olympis because fencing is a modorn sport or art.

When was women's fencing introduced to the Olympics?

Women's fencing was introduced to the Olympics in 1924, with the addition of the Individual Women's Foil event.

When was fencing introduced into the Olympics?

Fencing is one of only four sports that has been in every Modern Olympics since their beginning.

When was fencing introduced in the Olympics?

Fencing has been a part of the Modern Olympics since the first Modern Olympic Games in 1896.

What major event is fencing in?

Fencing is a major event in the summer Olympics as well as the world fencing championship.

Did India participate in fencing in any of the Olympics?


Is there cricket in 2012 Olympics?

Not only in 2012 Olympics, cricket is not featured in Olympics

How many Australian athletes have competed in fencing at the Olympics?

Australia has never had an athlete compete in an Olympic fencing event.

Do they still play fencing in modern day Olympics?

yes fencing is big in the omlimpics it has been since in the Olympics of 1896(the first one) all weapons are in (foil Sabre and epee)