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Q: Which type of attacker has actions that are considered noble by the attacker but could cause more harm than good?
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Does attacking someone with a bottle and causing them to go to the hospital considered attempted homicide?

It depends on the attackers intent. If the attacker was trying to kill the victim then it is attempted homicide. If the attacker was not expecting to kill the victim, then it could be assault or self defense if the "victim" was attacking first.

Could a diplodocus attack?

Yes. It could by lashing its tail to the attacker.

Do raccoons normally kill dogs?

No, raccoons normally avoid confrontations with dogs but if attacked by a dog, a raccoon will fight and, possibly, inflict serious damage that could cause the death of the attacker.

Which of the following could be considered a primary primary function of an epic?

show the ideals of a culture through the actions of a hero

Which Which pre-hacking phase could be accomplished without the attacker ever connecting to the target network?

Foot-printing is the pre-hacking phase that could be accomplished without the attacker ever connecting to the target network.

What problems could a Trojan virus cause?

A trojan horse virus could cause you to lose sensitive information on your computer, or allow your computer to be controlled remotely by the attacker. It is recommended to always have an anti-virus and anti-malware program installed on your computer to avoid complications from spyware, malware, and viruses.

Can tsuamis cause other natural disasters?

Of course! Tsunamis could cause floods (which is considered as a natural disaster).

What is a synonym for invader?

Synonyms could include intruder, trespasser, encroacher, attacker, or interloper.

What actions occurred during what could be considered the climax of the cold war?

Naval Forces in support of military operations in Panama and Grenada.

Can a torterra learn magical leaf?

No. And to be honest Magical Leaf on a Torterra would be useless if it could due to Torterra being a Physical Attacker not a Specialist Attacker (Magical Leaf is a Special Move)

What is considered nick carraways worst quality?

Nick Carraway's worst quality could be considered his passivity and tendency to be a passive observer rather than actively engaging in the actions around him. This can lead to him being complicit in some characters' actions without taking a stand against them.

Would a girl get suspened if she punched a guy?

Yes, a girl would get suspended if she punched a guy. Punching anyone is considered assault. Depending on the physical harm done to the person, the attacker could be expelled and have criminal charges pressed against them.