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2nd Quarter NE - Laurence Maroney 1-yard run

4th Quarter NYG - David Tyree 5-yard pass from Eli Manning

4th Quarter NE - Randy Moss 6-yard pass from Tom Brady

4th Quarter NYG - Plaxico Burress 13-yard pass from Eli Manning

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Randy Moss and Laurence Maroney scored to touchdowns for the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.

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Q: Which two players scored touchdowns for New England Patriots in super bowl xlii?
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What team scored the most touchdowns in a Super Bowl?

The New England Patriots

Were the Atlanta Falcons quicker than the New England Patriots in scoring 3 quick touchdowns?

No. The Patriots scored in a span of under 60 seconds.

How much touchdowns did the 2007 patriots have?

The 2007 New England Patriots scored 75 regular season touchdowns and added 9 more touchdowns in the playoffs. The breakdown:Regular Season:Passing - 50Rushing - 17Kick Returns - 2Interceptions - 3Fumbles - 3Playoffs:Passing - 6Rushing - 3

How many touchdowns did the New England Patriots have for the 2010 season?

They scored a total of 64 touchdowns: 5 defensive, 3 special teams, 19 rushing, and 37 passing

How many touchdowns did the patriots have super bowl XLIX?

The Patriots scored 4 touchdowns in Super Bowl XLIX. They won 28-24.

What is another word for touchdown?

The Plural of touchdown is touchdowns, e.g. the Patriots scored 4 touchdowns.

What NFL player scored the most touchdowns in 2007?

That was wide receiver Randy Moss of the New England Patriots with 23 TDs in the 2007 season.

How much touch down's did the patriots get in 2009?

Thru week 13 of the 2009 NFL season, the Patriots have scored 22 passing touchdowns and 14 rushing touchdowns.

What player scored seven touchdowns in a Super Bowl?

No one has scored seven touchdowns in a single Super Bowl game.Each of these players scored three touchdowns in a single game.Roger CraigJerry RiceRicky WattersTerrell DavisJerry Rice scored eight Super Bowl touchdowns in his career.

How many of the New England Patriots regular season touchdowns did Lawrence Maroney score?

In the 2007 regular season, Maroney scored 6 TDs, all rushing.

WHo's scored the most points in the shortest period of time?

The New England Patriots, on Thanksgiving Day 2012, scored three touchdowns in 52 seconds against the New York Jets.

What players from Michigan university scored touchdowns in the Super Bowl?

Desmond Howard