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robbie keane

nicholas anelka

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Q: Which two players have scored over 100 Premier League goals without ever scoring a penalty?
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Who has scored the most Premier League goals without scoring a penalty?

Van Persie last season he finished third with berbatov and teves both scored 20 and he scored 18

Who has scored the most goals in the premier league without scoring a hat trick?


Which strikers in the English Premier League have gone the longest without scoring a goal?

peter crouch

How many premier league teams have not conceded a penalty at home this season?

Manchester United have gone without conceding a penalty (at home and away) for the entire season.

When did NBA allow Players to hang on the rim without penalty?

when the playe are in warm up.

Which current Barclays Premier League player has scored the most braces 11 without ever scoring a hat-trick?

Ryan giggs :)

What premier league striker has scored 38 goals in the premiership without ever scoring a brace in a game?

Carlton Cole of West Ham.

Who has played more than 200 games in the premier league without scoring. there are 6?

David James, Mark Schwarzer, Shay Given, Brad Friedel, Nigel Martyn, Jussi Jaaskelainen, David Seaman, Thomas Sorensen and Edwin van der Sar have all played over 300 without scoring. I presume though you meant outfield players rather than goalkeepers? If so, anyone with an answer?

Can a football game be ended with a penalty?

yes it can because if two teams reach the full ime without a scoring a goal penalty must be applicable but in reality it's not the best way for a team to be called a winner

When was the red card for deliberate hand ball in the penalty area introduced?

I actually don't know, but I will correct what appears to be a slight misunderstanding of the rule. A red card isn't shown for any deliberate handling in the penalty area; it's for denying a goal or obvious goal-scoring opportunity by committing a foul. This doesn't necessarily have to be in the penalty area, and it's possible to have it happen in the penalty area without being an obvious scoring opportunity (if, for example, several more defenders are nearby).

What is the penalty for not enough players on the football field?

In American football, there is no penalty for not enough players on the field for a play. Should there be too many players on the field, there is a penalty called for illegal participation (five yards). But if a team has too few, there is no penalty called. There technically is no penalty for having too few players on the field. However, the offense always has to have at least seven men on the line of scrimmage and an eligible receiver on each end of the line. If the offense didn't meet this requirement, they would be flagged for an illegal formation.

What purpose is the D on the edge of the eighteen yard box?

The D keeps players 10 yards from the Ball when a penalty kick is taken. Whenever a free kick is taken, the defending team must always be 10 yards away from the ball. This includes penalty kicks. The penalty spot is 12 yards from the goal line. The penalty area is 18 yards from the goal line. All players have to be outside of the box when the penalty kick is taken. Without the D, the players standing behind the penalty taker would only be 6 yards from the ball. So, from the penalty spot, a 10 yard radius is drawn and marked only outside the penalty box (so it ends up looking like a D)