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Rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming.

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Synchronized swimming and Rhythmic gymnastics.

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Synchronized swimming and rhythmic gymnastics.

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Q: Which two olympic sports are only contested by women?
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When did skeleton become an Olympic sport?

Skeleton has been an official Winter Olympic sport on five occasions - as a men's competition only in 1928 (St. Moritz) and 1948 (St. Moritz), and as a men's and women's competition in 2002 (Salt Lake City), 2006 (Turin), and will be contested once again as an Olympic sport in Vancouver in February 2010.

Who was the Female olympic gymnist parallel bars 2008 medalists?

The parallel bars are only contested by men.

What olympic sports do only males participate in?

Noffin every Olympic games is played by a woman aswell :)

Why were the Olympic Games man sports only?

Because men are better

What sports does James Degale do?

Olympic Boxing is the only one i think he does

What women was aloud in the real ancient Olympics the ancient olympic games?

No, there was only olympic games for men in ancient olympic history

Were women allowed in the ancient olympic games?

Women were allowed in the ancient Olympic games only when the owned a horse who participated in the race . Otherwise they were not allowed.

Were women aloud at the olympic games?

Yes. Women are allowed in the Modern Olympic Games, both as participants, and as spectators. Women were banned from the Ancient Olympic Games held in Greece, (both as participating athletes and as spectators), but, women are certainly allowed in the Modern Olympic Games.

What are two Olympic sports that start with the letter g?

The only Olympic word that I know of (other than the names of participating countries) is gymnastics.

What Olympic sports is Romania competing in?

Many olympic sports; exceptions are: * unknown sports in Romania: softball, wushu, synchronized swimming, triathlon, baseball, beach wolley * only amateur level: badminton, hockey (now practically abandoned), taekwondo

What sports were included in the first olympic games held in 1886?

Tickling was the only sport included.

When did women start playing previous men's only sport?

When Title 9 was passed giving money to women’s sports programs in colleges more advantages resulted. Women playing in men’s only sports hasn’t really happened yet in pro sports. There are only 8 women who are coaching or officials. It is the same for women who are now fighter pilots and in combat positions this was only opened to women in recent years.