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According to the IOC's website, curling, Snowboarding, and women's hockey were all added in 1998. Curling was originally introduced in 1924, but was taken away and re-introduced in 1998. In snowboarding, men's and women's slalom and half-pipe were added as disciplines in the category.

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The following are the sports to be contested at these Games. The number of events to be contested in each sport is indicated in parentheses.

* Aquatics

o Diving (8)

o Swimming (34)

o Synchronized swimming (2)

o Water polo (2)

* Archery (4)

* Athletics (47)

* Badminton (5)

* Baseball (1)

* Basketball (2)

* Boxing (11)

* Canoeing (16)

* Cycling (18)

* Equestrian (6)

* Fencing (10)

* Field Hockey (2)

* Football/soccer (2)

* Gymnastics (18)

* Handball (2)

* Judo (14)

* Modern pentathlon (2)

* Rowing (14)

* Sailing (11)

* Shooting (15)

* Softball (1)

* Table Tennis (4)

* Taekwondo (8)

* Tennis (4)

* Triathlon (2)

* Volleyball (4)

* Weightlifting (15)

* Wrestling (18)

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According to Wikipedia, one sport that was added in 1988 is table tennis

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Q: Which two events were added in the 1998 winter Olympics?
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When was snowboarding added to the winter Olympics?

Although it was already gaining popularity in the 1980s, it was only in the 1999 Winter Games in Nagano, Japan that it became a part of the quadrennial event.Snowboarding's first year in the Olympics was in 1998 at Nagano, came to the Olympics in 1898 feb 28

What city hosted the 1998 winter Olympic?

Nagano, Japan, hosted the 1998 winter Olympics.

Japanese host of the 1998 winter Olympics?

Nagano, Japan hosted the 1998 Winter Olympics from February 7th to February 22nd.It was the second time the Winter Olympics were hosted in Japan (Sapporo hosted the 1972 Winter Olympics).

Where was the winter Olympics held in 1998?

There were no Winter Olympics in 2009. The Olympics are only held on even numbered years. The last Winter Olympics took place in Turin, Italy in 2006. The 2010 Winter Olympics are currently being held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Where did the 1998 Olympics take place?

The 1998 Winter Olympics took place in Nagano, Japan.

When was snowboarding add into the winter Olympics?


How many Asian countries have hosted the winter Olympics?

1 ... that being Japan who hosted the 1972 Winter Olympics in Sapporo and the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano.

What country won the most gold medals in the 1998 winter Olympics?

Germany won the most gold medals at the 1998 Winter Olympics with 12.

What Big events in sports in 1998?

the olympics.........

When were the Olympics held in Tokyo?

1998 Winter Olympics were held in Japan.

Where was 1998 winter Olympics games?

Nagano, Japan.

What year did Nagano host the Winter Olympics?

In 1998