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I'M not sure but I know in Super Bowl IX/9 Dwight white of steelers sacked Fran tarkenton of Minnesota Vikings for the super bowl's first safety

Buffalo sacked Jeff Hostetler of the Giants for a safety in XXV.

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The only player to have two safties in one game was Fred Dryer for the L A Rams. The date was Oct. 21, 1973. They beat the Packers. -Devin, Brooklyn Please check out Myspace- new York sports fan magazine

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The NFL team record for safeties in a game is three, by the Los Angeles Rams against the New York Giants on September 30,1984. The individual record is two, by the Rams' Fred Dryer against the Green Bay Packers on October 21,1973.

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Dwight White in Super Bowl IX and Reggie Harrison in Super Bowl X.

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Q: Which two Pittsburgh Steelers players scored safeties in the Super Bowl?
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