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Dwight White in Super Bowl IX and Reggie Harrison in Super Bowl X.

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2011-02-05 20:14:06
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Q: Which two Pittsburgh Steelers players scored safeties in the Super Bowl?
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Who scored the most points on the Pittsburgh Steelers team in 2010?

In 2010, Rashard Mendenhall led all Steelers players in scoring with 78 points.

Which NFL team has scored more points in last 5 years the Dallas Cowboys or Pittsburgh Steelers?

Pittsburgh Steelers

How many touchdowns have the Pittsburgh Steelers scored in their history?


What were the most points scored by the Pittsburgh Steelers in a season?

In 1979, the Steelers set the franchise record for points scored during the regular season with 416.

How many points did the Pittsburgh Steelers score in 2009?

The Steelers scored 368 points in 2009. They allowed 324.

What NFL team scored the most points in a game?

Pittsburgh Steelers 82

What was the average number of points scored per game by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2010?

The Steelers scored 23.4 points per game during the 2010 regular season.

Who holds the Pittsburgh Steelers all time record for touchdowns scored?

Franco Harris with 100.

What is the difference between the total number of points scored by the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowls and the total number of points scored by their opponents?

The Steelers have a +29 point differential throughout the 8 Superbowls they played in.

Who scored the first Pittsburgh Steelers touchdown in Super Bowl XLV?

In Super Bowl XLV, Hines Ward scored the first Steelers touchdown. It was an eight yard pass from quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

How many touchdowns did Hines Ward score in his NFL career with the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Hines Ward scored 86 touchdowns for the Pittsburgh Steelers, 85 were on pass receptions and 1 was on a rushing attempt.The Steelers released Ward on March 7, 2012.

Who scored the most goals in a career?

Lynn Swann Of the Pittsburgh Steelers With over 200 tds in 10 years

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