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Q: Which tv channel shows beach volleyball in UK?
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Is there a channel in England that shows'Vampire Diaries' a week ahead of itv2?

No. ITV2 is the only channel in the UK that shows the episodes.

What channel can you watch The Unit on in the UK?

The Virgin Media channel shows the unit every Thursday at 10pm and sometimes the unit is also on the bravo channel

Which programs are most popular on Channel 4 on Demand in the UK?

One of the most popular on Channel 4 on Demand in the UK shows is the IT Crowd. Another very popular show is Shameless. They are very much in demand in the UK.

What channel is skysports football on?

This particular channel is located on a satellite pay television service in the UK. The channel handles live sports and pre-recorded sports shows. This channel is not available in the United States.

Which channel will show House MD season 6?

Sky One I expect, they grabbed Season 5 from the UK channel 5 last year! it shows on your local Fox channel

Why is sky 1 so popular in the UK?

Sky 1 is so popular in the UK because it is a unique television channel with many popular shows. It has shows for everyone and many of local people's favorites.

When was Community Channel - UK - created?

Community Channel - UK - was created in 2000.

When was Universal Channel - UK - created?

Universal Channel - UK - was created in 1999.

When was volleyball recognized as an Olympic sport?

Volleyball was first made an Olympic sport in 1964. For more information, check this site: Hope this helps! Dr. B.yes it started in 1987

What channel is the weather channel in UK?

The weather television channel in the UK is BBC weather. One can also visit the Weather Channel website and search specifically for the UK for current weather information.

What channel to the south of the UK?

The English Channel

When was UK Channel Boredom created?

UK Channel Boredom was created in 1990-03.