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Q: Which trail blazers have scored 50 points?
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How many Portland Trail Blazers have scored 50 points in a game?


Most points scored in one game by Charles Barkley?


Which NBA player holds the career record for most points scored in overtime?

50 points

Most points scored in 1 quarter of NFL game?


What nba players have scored 50 points in a game?

Andrew Jackson

Which of the three teams that lost 4 super bowls scored the least points?

That would be the Minnesota Vikings who scored 34 points in their four losses. The Denver Broncos scored 50 points in their four losses and the Buffalo Bills scored 73 points in their four losses.

What is the Most points scored in a single game by the Denver Broncos?

50 points in 1962 against the Chargers

How many times Allen Iverson scored 50 points in his career?


Who scored over over 50 points in nba 2009?

Brandon jennings

When was the first time koby Bryant scored 50 points?

In May of 2003

Who scored over 50 points in 2007-2008 NBA Season?

Allen Iverson

How many New York Knicks have scored 50 or more points in a game?


How many games did Dwyane Wade scored over 50 points?

3 times

How many times has lebron James scored 50 points per game?


How many times did Michael Jordan score 50 points in a basketball game?

On November 6, 1996 Michael scored 50 points for the 36th time in his career.

Who scored 50 points in NBA with 3 different teams?

Allen Iverson Allen Iverson

Who scored over 50 points in 2009-2010 nba season?

Brandon Jennings did he had 55.

Who has scored 50 or more points in an NBA game this season?

Carmelo Anthony, Brandon Jennings

In march 2005 LeBron James was the youngest nba player to score over 50 points what age was lebron when this happend?

LeBron James was 21 when he scored 50 points

Who was the quarterback of the 1995 team that scored over 50 points against the Detroit Lions?

Rodney Peete

How many times has Kobe Bryant scored 50 points?

24 as of the end of the 2007-08 season.

Which NBA player scored the most points in a season?

That was Wilt Chamberlain with 4,029 points in the 1961-62 season. He is the only player to have scored 4,000 points in a season and his points per game average that year was 50.4.

What Boston Celtic players have scored 50 or more points in a playoff game?

No Celtic player has ever scored 50 or more points in a playoff game. However, Both Kevin Mchale and Larry Bird have in a regular season game, with Bird scoring a franchise record 60 points.

What college basketball players have scored over 50 points?

I know Darrin Fitzgerald from Butler scored 54 against Detroit (12- 3 pointers)

What was the most points carmelo Anthony scored in a game?

50 at home against the Knicks Nov 29, 2009