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The top six clubs to win the europen cups are Real Madrid, Liverpool, A.c milan, Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Juventus.

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Q: Which top 6 football clubs have won the most European cups?
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Who has played for the most European football clubs?

The player in most clubs is Nicolas Anelka of France.

Are Liverpool football club the most successful team?

Yes they are 18 league titles and 5 European cups and numerous domestic cups

Who has most cups in football?

Quite possibly, the most number of cups won in total has been won by Celtic or Rangers in Scotland; no other country has ever experienced an almost total domination of domestic competition by two clubs. To check this, I recommend that you visit the websites of both clubs.

Most successful team in English football?

Liverpool FC. They have won 18 league championships and 5 European Cups.

Which jersey has sold the most worldwide?

Probably one of the major European football clubs. Man Utd, AC Milan, Barcelona etc.

Which football team has won most world cups?

Team of Brazil has won the most Football World cups.

Who had the most football clubs in there career?

It could be Nickolas Anelka, he played for 8 clubs.

Which footballer has had the most clubs in world football?


What Football Manager has won the most European cups?

Bob Paisley, 3 times with Liverpool FC 1977, 1978, 1981

What pro sports team has the most championships?

In English football (soccer), Liverpool Football Club has the most championships with 18 - ahead of Manchester United who have 17. Liverpool also have the most European Cups with 5, ahead of Manchester United again who have 3. Manchester United or Arsenal have the most FA Cups (English football).

What country has the most cups to win in football?

It is Brazil, with 64 cups.

Who is more successful Liverpool or manutd?

Having won a joint-record 18 league titles, seven FA Cups and a record seven League Cups, Liverpool is the joint most successful club in the history of English football and one of the wealthiest and most widely supported football teams in the world. The club is the most successful English club in European competition, having won five European Cups and three UEFA Cups. Source: Wikipedia

List of most successful football clubs in England?

The three most successful clubs in England are Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal.

What are the three most famous Spanish football clubs?

The three most popular clubs in Spain are Barcelona, Real Madrid and Valencia.

List 20 most supported football clubs in the world?


What European football team is supported most in J Japan?

Liverpool football club is the most supported European team in japan.

Who has won the most cups you n England football?

Manchester United have won the most cups in England.

What football clubs are available in Monaco?

There are 64 football clubs in Monaco. On of the most popular team from Monaco is AS Monaco, winner of UEFA Champions League in 1992 and 2004. Other clubs are: CTM, IM2S Football Team, Poste, and others.

What football club has the most cups?

barcelona fc

What football club as the most cups?

Manchester United

What is a European sport?

Football (soccer) is the most popular European Sport.

Which country has won the most Football World Cups?

Brazil (5 world cups)

Where can one find a list of football clubs in England?

One can find a list of football clubs in England by using the website Wkipedia. The website presents a list of football clubs that play in the top ten levels of the English football league. Most of the clubs are directly in England, however some are located outside of England and operate in the English football league.

What are the most famous Italian football teams?

The most famous Italian football clubs are A.C.Milan Inter Milan , Juventus and Atlanta.

Which football clubs players has provide England with the most goals?

Wyne Rooney