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Golf balls aren't classed by compression anymore. Probably a cheaper one like a DT SOLO or NXT would have a compression similar to this.

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Q: Which titleist balls having 80 compression?
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What is the lowest compression golf ball available?

In Maxfli golf balls, Maxfli 2002 has the lowest compression of 80. Great performances were delivered because of this.

What is the difference between women's and men's golf balls?

There isn't any difference in the balls. It is the distance of the tee from the hole which balances things out. Generally men's golf balls have a compression of 90 or 100. Lady, senior and junior golf balls are usually 80 compression. The compression of a golf ball is directly related to your swing speed. If you have a high swing speed, you want a high compression ball.....if you have a slow swing speed, you need a low compression ball. Weather is also a factor in the compression you should use. If it's cold you may want a 90 compression ball so it will travel further. That doesn't mean hit an 80 compression ball so you can gain distance the ball won't last 2 holes if you have too high of a swing speed. Woman's golf balls are more softer and soft balls carry more backspin to shots. Men's golf balls are harder and so for their long game shots, their ball goes further. Womans golf balls are usually better for short game but not for distance. I use hard balls. I like the way they feel when I put and when I make contact with the ball. Womans golf balls feel a bit hollow to me when I put so I prefer the hard ones.

Whats the average compression on a yamaha raptor 80 cc?

120 Compression.

What are the specs on a Yamaha big wheel 80?

what should the compression be on a yamaha big wheel 80

What is the compression of a Top Flite XL golf ball?


Compression for 82 rm80?

80-140 psi is for most 80 cc 2 stroke bikes.

What are the release dates for Balls - 2010 TGIF 2-80?

Balls - 2010 TGIF 2-80 was released on: USA: 7 July 2012

What is the difference between women and men's golf balls?

There's no legal difference, everybody plays by the same rules. Many women prefer a softer ball than men use, for example an 80 compression vs. a 90. But there's no real definition of compression, so it's hard to say just what that means.

What is a low compression golf ball?

A golf ball with a compression rating of 70-80 is considered a "low compression" ball. They distort easier, giving them a softer feel and more greenside control but less distance.

What is the Compressive strength of M 20 concrete at 14 days?

80% of the total compression strength

What should compression psi be in a Gm 454 big block?

Mine had about 80-110 psi

What is the individual cylinder compression for a 350 Chevy engine?

around 80 ft.llbs. or higher is usually good.

What should a 1966 80 hp Johnson seahorse compression be with all plugs out and cold?

120 psi

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Compression Ratio is the ratio between the original volume and the compressed volume in combustion chamber. The compression ratio is denoted as CR. It is the measure of how much air-fuel mixture is compressed during the compression stroke in the case of the gasoline engine (in the case of the diesel engine only air is compressed. Compression ratio is found by dividing the volume of stroke of the cylinder (swept volume) and clearance volume when the piston is at BDC by the volume when the piston is at TDC (ie clearance volume). Compression ratio= (Swept volume + Clearance volume) / Clearance volume. For example engine has a Swept volume of 700 cc. It has clearance volume 50 cc. Compression ratio= (700 + 80) / 80 =9.75: 1 It means Air fuel mixture is compressed to 1/9.75 of its original volume during compression stroke.

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Back in 1978, an 80 hp Merc had compression in the 180psi range, so a high octane fuel is required. Basicly, if your readings are at least in the 110 - 120 psi range, and no more than 10 - 15 psi variance between the highest and lowest reading, you should be okay.