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The World Heavyweight Championship

Well, If your going by past holders youv'e got to say The World Heavyweight Championship. Ric Flair, The Rock, Triple H are all past champions. But if your going by Popularity and non-Wrestling reasons you've got to gor for the WWE championship.

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Q: Which title is more prestigious WWE or World Heavyweight Championship?
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The World Heavyweight Championship is a major title awarded in which sport?

The World Heavyweight Championship is a major title in the sport of professional wrestling. The current holder of the World Heavyweight Championship is Dolph Ziggler.

Has cm punk won a title in 2006?

Yes The World HeavyWeight Championship

Who has had the longest reign as WWE champion?

For the World Heavyweight Championship belt, Edge had the title for a total of 7 reigns. For the WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt, John Cena had the title for a total of 12 reigns.

What championship belts has Jeff hardy had?

NFWA heavyweight championship, NCW light-heavyweight title, omega new frontier title , NEW junior-heavyweight title, NDW light-heavyweight title, NWA 2000 tag-team champion, UWA middleweight title, omega tag-team title, WWF world tag-team title, WWF intercontinental heavyweight title, WWF world light-heavyweight title, WWF hardcore title, WCW world tag-team title, WWE European heavyweight title. If you want to look for yourself go to

How many times did khali hold the world heavyweight championship title?

The Great Khali has held the World Heavyweight belt one time

What title belts is there in smackdown vs raw 2010 for Nintendo ds?

ecw championship intercontinental championship world heavyweight championship

How many time triple h win world heavyweight championship?

He is a 13 time world champ he won the world heavyweight title 5 time's

Is the WWE Championship belt the most prestigious title in WWE?

The two shows, RAW and SmackDown, each have their own titles. RAW's top title is the WWE Champion, and SmackDown's top title is the World Heavyweight Champion. Since each of these are the top titles in their show, they are equally prestigious on paper. However, with RAW being the longest-lasting and most popular show, the WWE Champion is considered the most prestigious title.

Which title is better and why WWE champ or world heavyweight champ?

Both the titles are of equal importance if we consider the championship per say. The WWE championship which was the only world championship in the WWE before they bought out WCW may be considered a slightly more prestigious title among the insiders in the WWE but both champions are treated equally when it comes to importance in the WWE

How much is the world heavyweight championship?

well we don't really know how much is the world heavy weight title

Who has held the world heavyweight championship title the most times?

I'm pretty sure that ric flair has

What titles Jeff hardy won?

he won world heavyweight title, European title, tna title, wwe title, intercontinental title, wcw title, and ecw world tag team championship title

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