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They played standard sports.

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Q: Which three sports did the Greeks invent first for the Olympics?
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Who was the first person to invent sports?

the first person to invent sports were the Iroquois-lacrosse

Who was the first to play the Olympics?

The Greeks

When did gymnastics come about?

gymnastics was in the first Olympics with the Greeks! back then it was also most of the other sports they did too like running. all of them were catagorized into gymnastics!

What Anceient Civilization hosted the first Olympics?

The Greeks.

What sports did they have in the first modern Olympics?

The same as they had in the ancient olympics

What were the Greeks first to build?

The Greeks were first to build libraries,theaters,Olympics, and first to have a democracy.That's mainlyi it see u ya

Why was the first Olympics in Greece?

Because the idea came from the Greeks.

Which organisation is on charge of runnning the Olympics games and when was it created?

The Olympics were first started in 776 BC by the Greeks so therefore the Greeks are in charge by oliver johnston

Did the Greeks invent the yoyo?

yes. they first used it as a hunting weapon/tool

Which god did the Greeks honor when staging the first Olympics?

hannah forne

How did sports get international?

SPorts became international when the Greeks first starting holding the Olympics, and pretty soon other countries around Greece wanted to participate, and sports such as hockey and basketball that were developed in western countries (CAnada and USA) started to to broaden across the world

What year did extreme sports first enter the Olympics?

Extreme sports never entered the Olympics that's why they invented the X games