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Pete Sampras and William Renshaw with 7 singles titles.

Roger Federer also has 7 singles titles.

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Q: Which tennis player has the most Wimbledon Men's single wins?
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Who won mens single tennis tournament at Wimbledon 2010?

Rafael Nadal (Spain)

Which tennis player is the youngest winner of the mens singles title at wimbledon?

Rod Laver

Who won the 1980 Mens Wimbledon Tennis final?

Bjorn Borg won the mens championship

Who won the 2011 single mens at Wimbledon?

novak !!

Who won Wimbledon tennis mens final in 2001?

Goran Ivanišević of Croatia.

Which tennis player is the youngest winner of the mens single title at Wimbledon?

The youngest men's singles champion at Wimbledon was Boris Becker. Becker was only 17 when he won the 1985 title, breaking a record held by Wilfred Baddeley since 1881.

1953 Wimbledon Mens single champion?

Vic Seixas

Who is the youngest mens Wimbledon tennis champion?

Boris Becker at the age of 17 in 1985.

The fewest number of strokes with which you could win a mens tennis match at Wimbledon?


How many grand slam mens single titles did Pete Sampras win in his tennis career?

14 2 Austrailian 7 Wimbledon 5 US Open

How many times did bjorn borg win the Wimbledon mens single title?


Who was mens Wimbledon champion in 1974?

American James Scott "Jimmy" Connors won the Mens Single at the 1974 Wimbledon Championship. Jimmy defeated Australian Ken Rosewall in the final.

Tell me the winner of Wimbledon 2008 tennis tournament?

Mens champion was Rafael Nadal and the Womens champion was Venus Williams

Who is the number one player in men's tennis?

The number one mens tennis player is Novak Djokovic of Serbia.

Who won the Australian mens single tennis champion in 1977?

Vitas Gerulaitis

Who won the 1976 mens Wimbledon single final?

Bjorn Borg, the first win of his five in a row.

Who won the mens title at the Wimbledon tennis tornarment this year?

Roger Federer beat Andy murray by 3 sets to 1.

Who did john mcenroe beat to win his first Wimbledon mens single title?

McEnroe defeated Bjorn Borg in 1981 for his first Wimbledon singles title.

Who is the current UK no1 mens tennis player?

Roger federer

Who won the the mens single title at Wimbledon in 1945?

The competition wasn't on in 1945 because of World War II.

Who won the most tennis tournaments in mens tennis history?

John McEnroe. 148 (77 single & 71 doubles)

Who won the gold in mens single tennis in Beijing Olympics?

Rafael Nadal, of Spain.

Who won the mens Wimbledon in 2009?

Roger Federer won the Wimbledon in 2009.

Who won the mens single title at Wimbledon in 2002?

Lleyton Hewitt won the 2002 Wimbledon Men's Singles title. He defeated David Nalbandian in the final. This was Lleyton Hewitt's first Wimbledon Singles title.

How long was the longest mens tennis final?

The longest Men's Final at Wimbledon was in 2008 between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. It took 4hrs 48mins for Rafael Nadal to win his first Wimbledon Championship.