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Q: Which teams did Robert Horrie won champions chips with?
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How many teams in the champions league?

There are 32 teams in the Champions League. They are divided into 8 groups.

How many teams from England can qualify to the champions league Is it 4 or 5?

in england, 4 teams can qualify to the champions league.

How many spanish teams have played in the champions league?

The top two teams in the Spanish La liga qualify for the Champions League.

How many teams participated in the champions league in 1990?

It was 20 teams.

What sport is the champions league for?

The Champions league is for men and women's football, it is also known as the UEFA Champions League. They were founded in 1955 in Europe they have 32 groups stage teams and 77 total teams.

Which Italian teams have won the eufa champions league?

Three italian teams have won the Champions League. These are AC Milan , Inter Milan and Juventus.

How many teams have won the champions league European cup?

21 teams

How many German teams can qualify for champions league 2012?

There will be 32 teams.

Which English teams have the champions league?

5 english teams have won the Champions league. These are Manchester United,Liverpool,Chelsea,Aston Villa and Nottingham Forrest.

Which game is associated with the champions trophy?

Hockey is one sport where teams play for the Champions Trophy.

What are the teams in the champions league?

real madrid

Do automatic promoted teams in football league receive a trophy?

Yes. The Champions of the league will receive a champions trophy, and the automatically promoted teams will also receive a trophy.

Can English teams clash in the champions league group stage?

English teams can face each other in the Champions league from the quarter finals stage. This is because after this stage, teams are drawn randomly to face each other.

Divison1 teams with the most basketball champions?


How many teams from English premier league qualify for champions league?

The top four teams qualify for the Champions League. They will play in different rounds depending on their EPL final standings.

When is England begins to contribute 4 teams in European champions league?

The 2002-03 season was the first time England started sending 4 teams to the Champions League. The teams sent was Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Newcastle.

All teams UEFA Champions League 1956?

They were very few then most likely 14 teams.

How many teams participated in airtel champions league 2010?

There are 32 teams in the 2010 champion league.

What teams that are left in the champions league?

The teams remaining in the champion league are Inter Milan,Barcelona, Lyon

What 2 teams won the Super Bowl but were not the Champions?

All teams that have won the Super Bowl have become world champions. Since the 1970 merger of the National Football League and the American Football League, the Super Bowl winners have been considered NFL champions.

How many teams are in the Group Stage of the Champions League?


How many teams play champions league from Spain?


How many teams are there in the semi finals in champions league?


How does a team qualify for the UEFA Champions League?

It is determined by the teams strength in the Champions League. The stronger the league, the more teams that can qualify from it. The winner of the UEFA cup from the previous year gets an automatic qualification.

What English teams have qualified for the champions league?

The top four teams Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool.