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They beat Australia in the final via an extra time Jonny Wilkinson drop goal

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Q: Which team won the rugby world cup in Australia in 2003?
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What rugby team has won the Rugby World Cup in 2000?

There was no Rugby World Cup in 2000. There was one in 1999 won by Australia and the next was in 2003 and won by England.

Which team won the 1999 Rugby World Cup?


When did englands rugby team last win the world cup?

2003 against Australia they also got to the final in 2007 but lost out to south Africa

When was Australia national rugby league team created?

Australia national rugby league team was created in 1908.

Who is the most famous rugby team in Australia?

who is most famous rugby team

When was Ospreys - rugby team - created?

Ospreys - rugby team - was created in 2003.

Do Australia have a rugby team?

Yes they do

The most famous rugby team in Australia?

The Australia Rugby Union, also known as the Wallabies.

National Rugby League Team Australia?

The Australian Rugby League team is known as the 'Kangaroos'.

What pool will the Russian rugby union team be in for the Rugby World Cup 2011?

They are in Pool C along with Australia, Ireland, Italy and USA

National Rugby union Team Australia?

The Wallabies.

Where did brumbies rugby originate?

The Brumbies rugby team originated in Canberra, Australia in 1996. The team name is named after the Brumbie horse which lives in Canberra Australia's wilderness.