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India won the first ever T20 world cup

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2011-03-13 16:17:47
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Q: Which team won in twenty 20 cricket match?
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Who was the caption of the Indian Indian cricket team when India won the match?

Kapil Dev

Which cricket team won the 2010 champions league twenty 20?

Chennai super kings

Captain of Indian cricket team which won the twenty 20 world cup 2007?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni.............

Who won the first world cup cricket match against which team?

7th June 1975, England vs India.... England won

How many matches won by Indian cricket team with dhoni capitancy?

totally 10 match played....he won 7 and draw 3......

Who won the cricket match Kenya vs new zealand?

New Zealand won the cricket match Kenya vs new zealand

Who amongst the following was the captain of the India cricket team who won the Twenty-20 World Cup-2007?

ms dhoni

Has a team ever won a match in the cricket County Championship without losing any wickets?

Lancashire did this in 1956. That's the only team to have done it.

Who is woman cricket team India?

Mithali Raj is the current captain of the Indian Women's Cricket team. The Indian women's cricket team played their first Test match in 1976/1977, when they drew with the West Indies in a six-match series. The Indian women's cricket team won their first Asia Cup in 2004. Subsequently, they won 3 more Asia Cups. They also reached the finals of 2005 World Cup, losing to eventual champions, Australia.

When India won the first ODI Cricket Match?

India won its first ODI Cricket Match against East Africa in 1975 World Cup.

Who won cricket match today?

Mumbai Indians

Who won the first cricket match in world?


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