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Well, the countries that i know that have been most successful in Field Hockey have been, Australia, India and Pakistan. I actually think that field hockey is a really cool sport! but awesome question.

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India remained the Olympic Champion of Field Hockey from 1928 to 1960.

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India was the first olympic hockey champion since1928 AD to 1960 AD

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Q: Which team was the champion of Olympics Field Hockey from 1928 to 1960?
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Why did they cancel field hockey from the Olympics?

Field hockey was removed from the 1924 Games because there was no single international governing body for the sport. It was replaced to the Olpympics in 1928 when the FIH had been founded.

In which year did India won its last Olympics gold medal in team event?

From 1928 Amsterdam Olympics to 1956 Melbourne Olympics India won six consecutive gold medals at hockey. The two other gold medals for India came in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and the 1980 Moscow Olympics

When was Udham Singh - field hockey - born?

Udham Singh - field hockey - was born in 1928.

Which country's team remained unbeaten in the hockey at the olympics 1928-1956?


When did hockey become apart from the Olympics?

Hockey was removed from the Olympic schedule in 1924, for lack of an single international governing body. It was reinstated at the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics.

Who hold the Olympics record in field hockey?

United India(India-Pakistan-Bangladesh) won 3 olympics(1928-1936) 5 gold medals to india 3 gold medals to pakistan and Britain.

When was India men's national field hockey team created?

India men's national field hockey team was created in 1928.

How many golds has india won in field hockey in the olympics to date?

Through the 2008 Games in Beijing, 8: 1928, 1932, 1936, 1948, 1952, 1956, 1964, 1980

Who won the Gold Medal of Field Hockey in 1928 Olympic?

Pakistan won gold medals in 1960, 1968 and 1984.

How many goals were scored by Major Dhyan Chand in Field Hockey matches of the 3 Olympics of 1928 1932 and 1936?

Major Dhyan Chand scored total 33 goals in 12 matches of the 3 Olympics: 1928- 14 goals, 1932- 11 goals and in 1936- 8 goals.

Is field hockey an Olympic sport?

Field hockey debuted at the 1908 Games in London.

How many Olympic medals has the Indian Hockey team won to date?

India has won 9 gold medals since the country first started participating in the Olympics in 1900. The country has won 8 gold medals in Field Hockey, and 1 gold medal in Shooting. India won its first gold medal at the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics for Field Hockey. India's most recent gold medal was won at the 2008 China Olympics for Shooting.