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Today Real Madrid are on the top.

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Q: Which team is top of the spanish premiar league?
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Why Barcelona B can not compete in the Spanish league top division?

As they have to qualify to get into the A team to play.

Who is the top scorer of spanish league?

christiano ronaldo

What team is at the top of the premier league?

At the moment Chelsea is on top of the board.

Who is the top scorer in the Spanish league in 2011?

leonel messi is the top scorer

Which football team was top of the league in 1999?


How many spanish teams have played in the champions league?

The top two teams in the Spanish La liga qualify for the Champions League.

Who won the American league baseball World Series in 2011?

The world series is between the top american league team and the top national league team. There is no american league world series. The Texas Rangers were the american league team in the World Series. The St. Louis Cardinals from the national league beat them in seven games.

Which football team is at the top of the uk premier league?


Who is top of the spanish premier league?

As of 19/04/10, Barcelona are top of La Liga.

Was Barcelona at top of the Spanish League in 2005 and 2006 for the whole season?


What does it require to get into the Champions League?

Depending on the amount of soccer teams in that country, a team has to be in the top <insert number> of the top league in that country to be entered into the Champions League. In England, it is the top five teams.