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Man. City are now the world's richest club since they were took over by Sheikh Mansour from Abu Dhabi in August. They have an estimated 255 billion pounds.

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Q: Which team is the world richest football club?
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The richest football team?

The Spanish giants Real Madrid is the richest club in the world.

Which club is the third richest team in the world?

The third richest football club in the world is Barcelona.After Real Madrid and Manchester United.

Which soccer club is the richest in 2007-2008?

The richest football team is Manchester city they are the richest in the premier league and in the whole world.

World's richest professional sport team?

Manchester United Football Club (Manchester, England)

Who is the richest club in Australia?

In 2011, the richest football club in the Australian Football League was the team from Collingwood. They had a total revenue that year of over $75 million.

Who is the richest club soccer team in the world.?

The Spanish club Real Madrid is the richest club in the world, it has stood as the richest club for the past five years, beating Manchester United .

Richest Team In The World?

The richest club is the spanish giants Real Madrid.

What is the world's richest football team?

Its OPR they are the richest football team in the world and man u r secondThe spanish giants Real madrid.Barcelona fcAccording to Forbes it is Manchester united.Followed by Real Madrid.It is Real Madrid with over 300 million pounds.The richest club in the world are the Spanish giants Real Madrid.

Is soccer the richest game in the world?

yes soccer is the richest game in the world. Its beats other sports by a mile. Manchester city are the richest football team in the world.

Which is the richest football team in Africa?

Kaiser Chiefs is the richest team in Africa.

The first richest club team in the world for 2009 to 2010?

man city

Is crystal palace football club the best team in the world?


Which English football team is known as the Potters?

The English football team which is known as the Potters, is the Stoke City Football Club. It started in 1863, and is the second oldest football club in the world.

Which football team is the richest?

The Dallas cowboys

Which rugby league team is the richest in the world?

RC Toulonnais or. Toulon (founded in 1908) is the richest club in the world.Club is from Toulon, France.

What team is the richest football club of 2008?

Omfgz its obz leeds united with ken bates they now got 261.5m

Longest football team name in the world?

Inverness Caledonian Thistle Football Club

What is the most successful club in the world if you count all sports such as Football basketball etc?

Rangers Football Club are the most domestically successful football team in the world

Who is the riches nrl club?

Even Though The Broncos Arn't The Best Team They Are Most Certainly The Richest Team In The World

What is the best football club of the world?

liverpool are the best team ever

Who is the most successful team in the world?

Glasgow Rangers Football Club

Are west ham the best team in the world?

No arsenal are the best football club in the world

Richest cricket club in the world?

Since India is the richest cricket team all the clubs in India are way richer than anywhere else...chennai super kings and Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier league are richest cricket clubs in the world and Indian cricket team is the richest national sports team in the world(not just cricket)

What is Arsenal Football club also know as?

The gunners are the best team in the world

Which is the richest south African football team?

Mamelodi Sundowns