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Brazil and Spain are favorites to win the World Cup, but three solid African teams have a legitimate shot at surviving deep into the tournament, as does the US.

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Q: Which team is the least expected team to win worldcup soccer 2010?
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What competition is South Africa about to host?

South Africa is currently hosting FIFA soccer worldcup of 2010.

What are your favorite teams for worldcup soccer 2010?

(nz team)All Whites!! because i live in New Zealand (auckland)

Who is the captain of Brazil in FIFA worldcup 2010?

Lucimar Ferreira da Silva is the current captain of Brazil National Soccer team.

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Who was the captain of Pakistan cricket team in the t20 worldcup 2010?

Shahid Afridi was the captain of Pakistan team in the t20 worldcup 2010.

Did Denmark qualify for the 2010 worldcup?


When is recent worldcup going to be held?

in 2010

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Which group was France in for the worldcup 2010?

Group A

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When is the finals of FIFA worldcup 2010?

The finals are o 11/7/2010.

Where will be the 2010 FIFA worldcup held and when?

June -July 2010 in South Africa