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Q: Which team is the home team in the 2013 Super Bowl?
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Who was home team for super bowl 51?

The Atlanta Falcons were the home team for Super Bowl XLI.

What NFL team won a Super Bowl at home?

No team has ever played a home field super bowl.

Did a nfl team play home field in a Super Bowl?

So far, no team has played on its home field in a Super Bowl.

Who is home team for Super Bowl 45?

The home team status alternates between American Football Conference and National Football Conference teams each year. For Super Bowl XLVI, the New England Patriots of the AFC are considered to be the home team. The NFC team will be the home team for the 2013 Super Bowl.

Who is the away team for 2010 Super Bowl?

The Indianapolis Colts are considered the "Home Team" for Super Bowl XLIV.

Which team is home team in new Orleans Super Bowl?

The home team designation for the Super Bowl alternates each year. As a result, the representative of the National Football Conference -- the San Francisco 49ers -- will serve as the home team for Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans.

What team won 2013 super bowl?

Baltimore Ravens

Which team was the home team in Super Bowl XLV?

Green Bay Packers will be the home team

Is it possible for a team to have home field in super bowl?

Technically one team is designated the home team for the game, but I think you mean if a team can play in its own stadium for the Super Bowl. The answer is yes, the team from the host city must make it through the playoffs to the Super Bowl.

Has an NFL team ever appeared in the Super Bowl on their home field and if not what would the NFL do?

There has never been a team to play a Super Bowl on their home field. The closest was Super Bowl XIV when the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Los Angeles Rams at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA. and Super Bowl XIX when the San Francisco 49ers beat the Miami Dolphins at Stanford Stadium. The NFL awards the Super Bowl to a city four years in advance. If a team won their conference championship and the Super Bowl was scheduled on their home field, the game would go on as planned.

Who is the home team for Super Bowl 2009?

The Arizona Cardinals are the designated home team.

Home team in super bowl 44?

The Indianapolis Colts are the designated home team.