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Michigan state

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Q: Which team is not a member of the MAC'S west division eastern Michigan western Michigan Michigan state or central Michigan?
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How many division 1 football teams does Michigan have?

Five. MSU, U of M, Eastern, Western, and Central

What Division one colleges are in Michigan?

The division one colleges in Michigan are, with the commonly known name of the school in parenthesis:University of Michigan (Michigan)Michigan State University (Michigan State)Central Michigan University (Central Michigan)Eastern Michigan University (Eastern Michigan)Western Michigan University (Western Michigan)

How many 1A teams are in Michigan?

5 ... Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Michigan, Michigan State, and Western Michigan.

What are the division 1 college football teams in Michigan?

Division I has two subdivisions for football. In Michigan, there are no Division I-FCS programs. There are two Division I programs that do not sponsor football teams (Oakland University and the University of Detroit Mercy) There are five Division I-FBS programs. Michigan (Big Ten) Michigan State (Big Ten) Western Michigan (MAC) Eastern Michigan (MAC) Central Michigan (MAC)

Is Michigan in the Central Time Zone?

no, it is the most western part of the eastern time zone. Most of Michigan is in Eastern Standard Time & Eastern Daylight Saving Time. Only the four counties in Upper Michigan that border Wisconsin are in Central Standard Time & Central Daylight Saving Time.

Who won last year's Western VS Central game?

If you are talking about Western Michigan vs Central Michigan, Central Michigan won the 2009 match-up 38-23 at Western Michigan.

Name the six division of the NBA?

There are 8, Eastern, Atlantic, Central, Southeast, Western, Southwest, Northwest, Pacific

Where is the better place to go to college Western Michigan or Central Michigan?

Western Michigan. SERIOUSLY.

What school is better for psychology Central Michigan or Western Michigan?

Central Michigan is amazing! GO THERe FOR SURE!

Can you list all the college schools in the mac division?

East division: Akron, Bowling Green, Buffalo, Kent St, Miami (Oh), Ohio West division: Ball St, Cenral Michigan, Eastern Michgan, Northern Illinois, Toledo, and Western Michigan (Go Broncoes!)

The last time Central Michigan beat Western Michigan in Football?

Prior to the 2008 season, that was November 6, 2007 when Central Michigan defeated Western Michigan 34-31.

What is the time difference between Tennessee and Michigan?

Tennessee is actually in two time zones, central (for most of the state) and Eastern Time for the eastern part of the state. Most of Michigan is in the Eastern Time Zone The four counties of Dickinson, Gogebic, Iron, and Menominee in the western Upper Peninsula are in the Central Time Zone

Is western Michigan a division 1 college?

the Western Michigan Broncos football team competes in the Mid-American Conference which is an NCAA Division I FBS conference

What year did western Michigan switch to eastern standard time?

Most of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan switched to Eastern Standard Time in 1972. However, the westernmost four counties bordering Wisconsin still use Central Standard Time.

How many world series did billy ripken win?

Billy Ripken, the Infielder that played with the Baltimore Orioles of the Eastern Division of the American League, the Cleveland Indians of the Central Division of the American League, the Texas Rangers of the Western Division of the Central Division and the Detroit Tigers did not enter any World Series and did not participate in any World Series gameds.

What is time zones and how do you find out what Florida time zone is is?

Eastern Florida is in the Eastern Time Zone and Western Florida is in the Central Time Zone.

Where is the division of the eastern and western hemisphere?

The prime meridian

What are the eastern and western lines of longitude for Michigan?

the wiener dog

Is Kentucky in the Central Standard Time zone?

The western part of the state is central time. The central and eastern part of the state are in Eastern Time.

Is Tennessee central time?

Eastern Tennessee includes Knoxville and is in the Eastern Time Zone. Central and western Tennessee includes Nashville and Memphis and are in the Central Time Zone.

The Songhay Empire was located in central southern eastern western Africa?

not central.....

What is the series record between Central Michigan University and Western Michigan University in football?

Through the 2010 season, Western Michigan leads the all time series 43-37-2.

What is the only state on the eastern seaboard to fall partially in the central time zone?

Most of Florida is in the Eastern Time Zone. The western panhandle area of Florida is in the Central Time Zone.

In what division of Tennessee are the eastern and western highland rims?

Middle Tennessee

What are the names of each basketball conference?

I'm assuming we're talking about the National Basketball Association here. I could list the names of the NCAA conferences as well, but that would take a little longer than I want to spend. Also, the names of the Conferences is pretty easy: Eastern Conference and Western Conference. For the sake of completeness, I'm assuming that the question refers to the names of the Divisions within those Conferences. The NBA is arranged as follows: EASTERN CONFERENCE - Atlantic Division, Central Division, Southeast Division WESTERN CONFERENCE - Northwest Division, Pacific Division, Southwest Division