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Juventus is the team in Italy that has won most matches.

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Q: Which team in Italy has won the most matches?
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Which cricket team has won the most number of matches?

Australia Won most number matches in the History of cricket

Italian Team with most scudetto's won?

In Italy A.c. Milan have won the most cups.

Which team has won the most rugby matches between France and Ireland?

Between France and Ireland, there have been a total of 91 rugby matches. France has won the most, with an overall of 56 wins.

Which team won the most ODI and test matches in cricket?

Australia has won the most numbers of ODI matches, 447 and test cricket, 332.

Which European team has won the FIFA World Cup the most times?


Most Football matches won in top flight English Football and the second team?

Manchester city

How many matches have the french football team won?


Who won the most ladder matches in WWE history?

i think Edge has won the most ladder matches in WWE history.

How many times have Italy beaten wales in rugby union?

Italy has won the World Cup 4 times. 1934, 1938, 1982 and 2006.

Which team in Italy won the most cups?

It A.C. Milan, as once both Inter Milan and Milan were one team till 1909.

Who has won the most matches?

mandy richardson

How many matches win Bangladesh cricket team in one day?

Bangladesh has won 51 out of their 206 ODI matches.