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Q: Which team has worst team era mlb history?
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What is the worst MLB team?

the worst team is the Astros they are falling apart

What is the lowest team ERA in baseball history?

In MLB, 1.22 by the 1876 St. Louis Brown Stockings of the National League.

Who has the worst ERA in the MLB for 2009?

Chad Fox

Who is the worst team in the MLB?

the Houston Astros

How much do the Yankees suck?

They are the worst team in the mlb

What professional baseball team has the worst winning percentage in their total history?

Through the 2008 season, the Tampa Bay Rays have the worst lifetime winning percentage of any MLB team with .417 (742-1037).

Who is the worst team in the 2008 MLB Season?

The Washington Nationals

Was there ever an Major League Baseball team or teams that never won a single game in there season If there was please list them?

The team with the worst winning percentage in the history of MLB -- the 1899 Cleveland Spiders -- still managed to win 20 games out of the 154 they played that year. This dismal .130 winning percentage is so bad that it is extremely unlikely that any MLB team will do worse. The 1916 Philadelphia Athletics -- the third worst team in MLB history -- had a .235 winning percentage, 100 points better than the Spiders.

What major league baseball team has the worst season in MLB history?

The 1962 New York Mets set the all time record for futility with 120 losses.

What mlb team never had a winning record in the 2000 era?

The Pittsburgh pirates

Who was the first team in baseball?

The Cincinnati Red Stockings were the first team in MLB history

How does a team in the mlb get the first overall pick?

Like other pro sports, the team finished last and with the worst record, or you trade for it.