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It is Australia 7 times , more then the mighty West Indies.

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Q: Which team has won the world cup titles for many times in cricket and how many times?
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How many cricket world cup titles has the West Indies won?


How many times did Pakistan win the cricket odi world cup?

Once (1992 cricket world cup)

How many times Canada won the world cup of cricket?

canada never won the world cup cricket

How many times was Steve Davis world champion in snooker?

How mant world titles has Steve Davis won ? How many world titles has Stephen Hendry won ?

How many times South Africa won the cricket world cup?

South Africa have yet to win the world cup in cricket.

How many times has Australia reached semifinals of cricket world cup?

4 times

How many times has India won the icc cricket world cup?

2 times

How many times has Pakistan played final in cricket world cup?

Two times

How many times have the New York Yankees won their team league titles?

they have 27 world series titles

How many times has Australia played icc world cup final?

Australia have made six World Cup final appearances and have won the World Cup a record four times in total; 1987 Cricket World Cup, 1999 Cricket World Cup, 2003 Cricket World Cup & 2007 Cricket World Cup.

How many times has Triple H held the title?

13 world titles

How many time Australia won the cricket world cup?

four times