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JOHNS HOPKINS!! Active streak from 1972 through 2008 - 37 years!

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Q: Which team has the most consecutive NCAA tournament appearances in lacrosse?
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Who has the most consecutive ncaa basketball tournament appearance of all time?

North Carolina holds the all-time record, with 27 consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances. The streak spanned from 1975-2001. With the inclusion of the 2009 NCAA Tournament, Arizona holds the longest current streak, with 25 consecutive appearances.

How many consecutive NCAA tournament appearances does the Michigan State University have?

14 including 2011

How many consecutive NCAA tournament appearances does the University of Kentucky have?

Including the 2008 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, the University of Kentucky has 17 consecutive appearances. Their current streak began with the 1992 tournament, and is currently the third longest active streak behind Arizona (24) and Kansas (18). Duke University is fourth on the list with 13 consecutive appearances.

When did lacrosse become an NCAA sport?

The first college lacrosse game was in 1877 (not ncaa yet). The first NCAA sponsored lacrosse tournament was in 1971.

How many NCAA tourney appearances does the Missouri mens basketball team have?

As of 2009, 22 NCAA tournament appearances. 3 elite 8 appearances prior to the 2009 tournament.

How many ncaa tournament appearances does Michigan have?


What NCAA ice hockey has the most active consecutive tournament appearances?

University of Michigan at 22 straight seasons, dating back to 1991.

What team made the most NCAA tournament appearances?


Which school has made the most NCAA Mens Tournament appearances?

The University of Kentucky. As of 2008, they have appeared in the NCAA tournament 50 times.

What current schools have seven straight NCAA tournament appearances?


Who has the most consecutive ncaa baseball regional appearances?

Miami - 37

Which men's NCAA college basketball team has had the most consecutive NCAA championship appearances?

UCLA with 13!

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