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Q: Which team has the longest current NBA playoff appearance streak?
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Who has the current longest streak of NCAA tournament appearance's?


What team has longest playoff appearance streak?

Currently... The Detroit Red Wings (20 years straight and continuing).

What is Dallas Cowboys longest playoff streak?

Their longest is 8

What is the longest playoff streak in the NFL?


What NFL teams have the longest playoff streak?

Indianapolis Colts

Which NFL team has the longest playoff streak?


What was the longest New Orleans Saints playoff losing streak?

10 years

What is the current NCAA men's Division I basketball tournament appearance streak?

Kansas has the longest current streak dating from 1990. Kansas was on probation in 1989 and last missed the field that year.Some said that the Arizona Wildcats had the longest streak in Division I basketball with twenty-five, ignoring the fact that their 1999 appearance was vacated. Arizona failed to make the field in 2010.

What NFL team had the longest consecutive playoff streak?

Dallas Cowboys - 1975-1983

What MLB team has the longest streak for not making the playoffs?

Through the 2008 season, that is the Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos franchise whose last (and only) playoff appearance was in 1981.

What team has the longest playoff appearance streak in NHL history?

The Boston Bruins made the playoffs 29 seasons in a row from the 1967-1968 season to the 1995-1996 season.

What is the Longest current playoff streak in NFL?

The baltimore ravens are on there fourth straight trip.. and are poised to slap the patriots tomorrow for there first superbowl in 11 seasons

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