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Q: Which team has the best record so far in the NBA?
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What is the best team in the NBA right now?

Cleveland Cavaliers Not at all... with the current leading record in the nba the Lakers are by far the most dominant team in the NBA right now.

Which proffetional basketball team has the best record of the season so far?

the Boston celtics 24-2

What is the head to head record of the colts and broncos?

The Colts are by far the best team ever! Who cares for the Broncos? They suck!

NFL team and best record and 2010?

packers because the got greg jennings aaron rodgers charles woodson and clay matthews and their best record is so far 6-0

Which team has won the most NBA games away?

So far in the 2008-09 season the Boston Celtics have won more road games just losing 1. The Cavs are currently(12-24-08) undefeated at home with the best home record in the league.

Are the Celtics the best NBA team?

the celtics are by far the best nba team for many reasons: rajon rondo leads the league in assists, ray Allen has made more 3-pointers than any player to ever play, and kg and pierce are amazing to P.S. They also have seventeen nba titles more than any team including the Lakers who only have sixteen so in ur face laker fans

Which NBA team is most hated?

the Miami Heat are by far the most hated team in the league right now.

Which soccer team is the best team?

The Spanish National Team by far is the best football team.

Can you create a team in NBA live 09?

no, not even in the 2k games, it isn't common in NBA games re above answer I don't know if you can create a team in NBA live 09 or not but the info above is incorrect as far as 2k sports is concerned. you have infact been able the create a team in NBA 2k since at least 06 you do it from the team /roster manngement section

Why did lebron James win mvp over Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade?

His team ended up with the best record in the NBA, and they were the favorite to win the finals... until Orlando came along and showed their one weakness, which is also the reason LeBron won the MVP(which he deserved by the way). No team can win with a one man show. LeBron is by far the best player in the league. But all the rest of the guys on his team are not worth talking about. They just pass the ball to him and watch the show. So if they got this far doing that, than he definatly deserves to be MVP.Why do you think? Lebron is better than Kobe and Dwyane at everything except possibly defense!!! The best player wins the MVP and Lebron is that player, not to mention he carried his team to the best record in the league last year with no other star on his team.

Is Valencia the best team in the world?

No it is not the best team, Barcelona is far better.

What is the top football team in NFL?

The REAL answer right now would have to be either the Giants, Ravens, or Falcons. Falcons having the best record thus far.....

Are the Baltimore Ravens the best team in the NFL?

They were the best team in football in 2012. So far in 2013, they are not the best team in the league.

Is Dwyane Wade is the best basketball player in the NBA?

No, Dwyane Wade is not the best basketball player in the NBA. He is talented, no doubt, but no one considers him the best basketball player in the NBA by far. The top two are said to be LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.

What team has the best defense in the NFL in 2009?

the best team so far are the viking

What is the average points per game that a NBA team scores per game?

The NBA averages 99.9 PPG per team so far for the 2008-2009 season. For the 2007-2008 season the average PPG per team was 99.03.

Are the Giants the best team in NFL?

Even though I am a Cowboys fan I have to admit the New York Giants are the best team in the NFLAnswer:By any objective criteria (such as won/lost record and stats) the Giants are far from being the best team in the NFL. i am a giants fan and i know they are the best

Who is the winningest athlete in all sports?

Bill Russel 11 NBA championships, as far as team sports go.

Which team in all professional sports is the most successful so far this decade?

I thiink its the Austrailian Cricket team,they have a very good winning record I thiink its the Austrailian Cricket team,they have a very good winning record

Who has the best record in basketball who has the best record in Who has the best record in basketball?

wilt chamberlain scored 100 points in a game and steph curry scored 2492 3 pointer so far better then ray allen

Who was the best ncaa mens basketball team ever?

Kentucky's (UK) 1996 team was by far the best team to ever play the game.

Which team has won more titles in last decade?

If you are talking about NBA then the Boston Celtics did. the latest title so far (2010) was in 2008. Also they are my favorite team.

Are Burnley FC the best?

yes by far the best team in the world

Are The Pittsburgh Steelers the best NFL football team?

The Steelers can be considered the best team in that they have most Super Bowl victories. As far as which team is currently the best team in the NFL, that is constantly changing.

What team is better man you or Liverpool?

Manchester United by far. They have a better record and have the better players.