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The University of Kentucky Wildcats has the best winning record in NCAA history, with a 1876-577-1 record since 1903.

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Q: Which team has the best record in ncaa history?
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What division 1 ncaa football has the worst record in team history?


Which NCAA transitional division 1 team has the best record?

The University of Michigan

What team holds the record for most consecutive winning seasons in History of NCAA football?

The University of Oklahoma

If the NCAA teams where put in a bag what state has the best chance of being pulled?

The team with the best record in the best conference.

Which NCAA Basketball team has the best record?

girls- UCONN boys- Duke

How did monica abbott get on the olympic team?

Because she is the all-time strikeouts leader in NCAA softball history, she broke Cat Osterman's record (who is also on the team)

What yankee team had the best record in team history?

1927 or 2001

What is the winningest NCAA basketball team?

The Kentucky Wildcats are the winningest team in NCAA Basketball history.

What team in the NBA has the best record in NBA history over their last 159 games including playoffs?

The best team in the NBA history is Phoenix Suns.

The best away record by a nba team in history?

la lakers

Who wins the division best record in division or best overall record?

It depends upon the league/sport. In the NFL, for example, the team with the best overall record wins their division. In the event of a tie, the division record acts as the tiebreaker. I believe the best conference record wins the conference in NCAA Football, regardless of overall record. Then there are the league like the NHL, where a team earns 2 points for a win, 1 for a tie or post regulation loss--with the team accumulating the most points winning their division/conference.

Which team has the best record in college football?

The Michigan Wolverines have the best record of any school in all divisions of college football history.

Which NFL team has the best record in Super Bowl history?

The Miami Dolphins, with a 17-0 record in 1972.

In the history of NBA basketball what team has the best record?

lakers stupid people

What is the worst record for a team that won the NCAA tournement?


Are the New England Patriots the best team?

The New England Patriots are currently the best team in history with a record of 18-1 and hold the record for most touchdowns in a season with Tom Brady with 50

What ncaa basketball team has the fewest head coaches in team history?


Which NCAA Division 1 football team holds the record for most wins?

The University of Michigan; They also have the highest winning percentage--The Leaders and Best!

What NFL team has the best overall home record in history?

new England patriots

What team has won the most championships in the history of the NCAA championship games?

Norte dame has more consecutive wins and overall championships in NCAA history.

What NCAA football team has the fewest head coaches in team history?

that would be Alabama

Who is the best college football team?

The Miami Hurricanes, because they have the longest winning streak in ncaa history and the most 1st round draft pick.

Does the team with the best record in baseball pick their opponent in the playoffs?

In each league, the team with the best record normally plays the Wild Card team. The exception is that if the team with the best record and the Wild Card team are from the same division, then the team with the best record plays the division winner with the worst record.

What NCAA team holds the record for most turnovers in a basketball game?


What team holds the ncaa single season rushing record?

Oklahoma university