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Q: Which team has the best Playoff record for the NHL?
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What NHL team won the Stanley cup with a 16-2 playoff record?


Who holds the NHL record for playoff hat tricks?

H. H. Stephenson took three wickets in a row playing for England against Hallam, in 1858. He was given a hat for his performance; this is the first recording of any use of the term "hat trick" or the actual idea of a hat for three consecutive successes.

What is the record for fewest shots on goal in a NHL playoff game?


Which NHL team has the most consecutive playoff appearances?

Montreal Canadiens 34

What is the most consecutive wins in the nhl?

The best team in the world had 19 wins spanning four consecutive Stanley Cup titles and five playoff seasons. This is a record for all North American professional sports franchises.

How many playoff games can an NHL team play in a season?


How many games in NHL playoff rounds?

Every series in the NHL playoffs is a best of 7

Who holds the record for goals in an NHL playoffs?

If you mean in one playoff year, the record is 19 goals, done twice, by Reggie Leach in 1976 and by Jari Kurri in 1985. The career playoff total is 122 goals by Wayne Gretzky. For complete playoff stats, I suggest you Google " NHL Playoff Records" and consult some of the sites offered.