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Which team has more wins broncos or raiders

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Q: Which team has more wins raiders or broncos?
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Which team has more Super Bowl wins the Denver Broncos or the Oakland Raiders?

The Raiders organization has more Super Bowl wins, with three. They won twice while in Oakland and once in Los Angeles. The Denver Broncos won two Super Bowls.

Which team has the highest wins Miami or raiders?

Miami has the highest wins.

How many overtime wins does Elway have over the Oakland Raiders?

None. Elway played in 5 OT games against the Raiders and the Broncos lost each one. All five games were played when the Raiders were located in Los Angeles. 1) November 24, 1985: Raiders 31, Broncos 28 2) December 8, 1985: Raiders 17, Broncos 14 3) September 26, 1988: Raiders 30, Broncos 27 4) December 3, 1989: Raiders 16, Broncos 13 5) January 2, 1994: Raiders 33, Broncos 30

Who has been to more Super Bowls broncos or redskins?

Broncos have been to more (6) but have won less (2 Broncos wins, 3 Redskins wins).

Who has the most wins in AFC west?

1.Chargers 2.Broncos 3.Cheifs 4.Raiders

What NFL team has the most wins from 1970 to 1984?


What is the Raiders' team record for most wins in a regular season?


What NFL team has the most wins since 1960?

oakland raiders

What is the most overtime wins in a season for an NFL team?

denver broncos 2011

Who has more wins since 1965 cowboys or raiders?

I had to say Cowboys, because Raiders sucks!!

What teams have multiple Super Bowl wins?

Packers, Colts, Cowboys, Patriots, Steelers, 49ers, Giants, Raiders, Redskins, Dolphins, and Broncos

Which team has the most wins - the Dallas Cowboys or the Oakland Raiders?

Dallas. Through the 2016 season, the Cowboys have 493 regular-season wins and 34 playoff wins for a total of 527. The Raiders have 456 regular-season wins and 25 playoff wins for a total of 481.

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