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Q: Which team has made the most college world series appearances without winning?
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What MBL team has the most appearances in the World Series without a win?

The San Diego Padres appeared in two World Series without winning a title.

What team has been in the college world series the most without winning?


What college has the most appearances in the college World Series?

Texas Longhorns

Which school has made the most appearances in the college World Series?

University of Texas with 34 appearances

What team has the best World Series winning percentage?

Of teams that have played at least 10 World Series, that would be the New York Yankees with a World Series record of 26-13 for a winning percentage of .667. The Athletics are second at .643 (9-5) and the Red Sox are third at .626 (7-4). Four teams are undefeated in World Series play, the Marlins (2-0), Blue Jays (2-0), Diamondbacks (1-0), and Angels (1-0). The Pittsburgh Pirates have played in 7 World Series and have a record of 5-2 for a winning percentage of .714.

Longest MLB streak without winning a world series win?

Chicago White Sox, 88 years without winning a World Series. Before 2005 they did not win a World Series since 1917.

How many appearances has UT made in the college World Series?

If you're referring to the University of Texas, the baseball Longhorns have made 35 appearances in the College World Series between 1949 and 2014. They won championships in 1949, 1950, 1975, 1983, 2002 and 2005.

Yankees get a spell of never winning a World Series?

Yes. The last 2 World Series droughts for the New York Yankees was 1963 -1976, 13 years without winning a series, and 1979 -1995, 17 years without winning a World Series. A Cubs fan would laugh at that.

What were the Phillies World Series appearances?

The Philadelphia Phillies appeared in 6 World Series, losing in the years 1915, 1950, 1983, 1993, and winning the 1980 World Series for the first, and last time, depending on the outcome of the 2008 World Series.

Longest stretch without winning World Series?

The Chicago Cubs last won the World Series in 1908.

What players have the most World Series appearances?

Yogi Berra has the most with 14 World Series Appearances.

How many World Series did the New York Yankees play without Derek Jeter?

The Yankees played in 33 of their 40 World Series without Derek Jeter.Jeter has played in the last seven Yankees World Series appearances.