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The Broncos, Vikings, and Bills have all lost four Super Bowls. The Bills and the Vikings have never won the Super Bowl.

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Q: Which team has had the most Super Bowl losses and has never won the Super Bowl?
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Which nfl team has the most super bowl losses?

The Denver Broncos has the most super bowl losses in NFL history. Denverâ??s loss in Super Bowl XLVIII marked the fifth time the Broncos have lost the Super Bowl.

What team has the most losses but played in the Super Bowl?

the patriots

What team had the most losses in Super Bowl history?

buffulo bills

What is the most regular season losses for a Super Bowl champion?


What team has the most Super Bowl wins but no losses?

The San Francisco 49ers have won every (5) super bowl they have appeared in.

What is the most consecutive losses for a super bowl team?

Buffalo Bills, 4 in a row.

What team has the most losses of any 7 team to play in the super bowl?


Which Super Bowl team has the most Super Bowl losses?

The Buffalo Bills, the Denver Broncos and the Minnesota Vikings have all lost four Super Bowls. The Broncos have won two Super Bowls, but the other two are winless in Super Bowl competition.

Which player has most super bowl rings and never coached?

Chuck Haley.

When is the Super Bowl in Orlando?

The Super Bowl will most likely never be played in Orlando unless Orlando is awarded a National Football League team.

What teams have gone to a Super Bowl multiple times and never won?

The franchises that have been to a super bowl but never won multiple times are, in order from most to least, the Buffalo Bills who lost them all in a row with 4, the Minnesota Vikings with 4, the Cincinnati Bengals with 2, and the Philadelphia Eagles with 2 losses.

What NFL team has lost the Super Bowl seven times?

No National Football League team has ever lost the Super Bowl seven times. The record for most Super Bowl losses is five, held by the Denver Broncos. They have won twice.

What is the most losses a super bowl team has had?

Four (4). Denver Broncos, Buffalo Bills, Minnesota Vikings.

Who has the most Super Bowl loses?

The Minnesota Vikings, Denver Broncos and Buffalo Bills all have four losses.

Which NFL division has the most Super Bowl appearances?

NFC East with 19, 11 wins, 8 losses

Super Bowl wins?

Who has most Super Bowl wins

What Super Bowl had the most fumbles?

Super Bowl XXVII

Which is the most successful NFL team never to have won a Super Bowl?

Detroit Lions

Which Super Bowl was the most popular Super Bowl ever?


What Super Bowl had that most attendance?

Super bowl XIV 103,985

What team has lost the Super Bowl most often?

The Bills (4 in a row), Broncos, and Vikings all have 4 losses.

What is the most expensive Super Bowl ring?

the Pittsburgh steelers super bowl xliii super bowl ring

Which college has the most BCS bowl game losses?

ND with 11 losses in BCS bowl games

Who is been to the Super Bowl the most but never won?

Bills and Vikings (4 appearances, no wins)

What nfl team has most super bowl wins?

The steelers have the most super wins they have six super bowl wins.