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Brazil has won five world cups.
Brazil have won it 5 times, being the most, and Italy are in a close second, with 4 wins.

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Brazil are the only country to make it to every world cup ever held since 1930.

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Brazil have played in all world cups

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Brazil have won the world cup five times.

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Q: Which team has been world cup chapions the most times?
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Who has been in the fifa world cup most times?

Brazil have been in the world cup the most times, making an appearance in every single tournament. They have only failed to progress past the first round twice.

Who has been runner up in the fifa world cup the most times?

It is Italy.

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There have been 18 World Cups so far (the current one is number 19) and Brazil has won the most titles (5 times).

How many time has Brazil won world cup?

Brazil has won the world cup the most times in history a total of 5 times.